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Our blog completely focuses on health and wellness related articles. We are ready to accept guest post articles with great content. Those who are willing can write guest posts. Understand the following rules before writing your guest post. Your article should possess the following aspects.

  1. The article should contain a minimum of 600 words. Contents with grammar mistake and improper sentence formation could not be accepted as guest post.
  2. Your article should be related to health and wellness. Articles on other topics could not be accepted.
  3. Content should be unique, reliable, and should not be copied from any other website. Copied contents cannot be accepted as guest post.
  4. Your article should be efficient and useful for our visitors. Greenyclicks is a health-related website. So, please avoid false or wrong contents.
  5. Minor changes may be made to polish your article.
  6. Include the source of the content when adding quotes, studies, facts, or stats.

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