what is Coronavirus? and how to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus?

    90% of coronavirus infection is due to the coronavirus family. Already there exist 6 viral infections in the coronavirus family and this one is informed as 7th virus. It is named as 2019-nCoV (New strain of Coronavirus). It was discovered in 2019, so they have added 2019, n stands for new and CoV represents corona. The virus was discovered in a city in China called Wuhan by December 2019.

One of the corona viral infection called MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome Coronavirus) was discovered in 2012 in Saudi Arabia. It was also called as camel flu because this was spread from camels to humans. At that time nearly 800 people were died in Saudi Arabia due to MERS-Cov.

China officials were believing that this virus was spread from the affected animals which are living in the Wuhan Non-veg market. And China’s National Health Council has proved that the virus is possible to spread from animals to humans.

The people in China are very close to animals, that’s why the virus spread very fastly. The virus spread to other places in China is due to the people who went to other places from Wuhan city.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

The first symptom is fever. Your body temperature increases more than the normal range. The second one is cough, Difficult to breathe. Then it causes the wheezing problem. Day by day the symptoms get an increase. Death occurs when the symptom reaches the final stage.

How it spreads?

Coronavirus is mostly spread through Sneezing and cough. Says the Health department experts of China. So, it easily got spread from one human to another. It also spread in the atmosphere and harms people. People who are affected by coronavirus can easily spread the virus in the atmosphere through cough and sneezing. Those who are inhaling the atmospheric air can get infected easily. 

How does it affect.?

People who are infected by the coronavirus can be first affected by fever followed by cough and then by wheezing after a week. From the virus affected people, four among one will get severe health problems. This virus can disorder the organs, causes pneumonia, cause death more possibly.

Medicine for Coronavirus?

Anti-biotics are not discovered yet to provide it to humans for this disease. The best way is to stop spreading by treating the affected people privately.

Scientist’s main motto is to stop the virus from spreading. They are giving the medicines which are used for HIV to the corona affected people, to find out medicine for corona.

How to protect yourself from Coronavirus?

  • Consult a doctor suddenly if you have cough, sneezing, cold, dry throat and fever more than 2 days.
  • Wear a mask to cover your mouth when you go out
  • Take healthy food and boiled water. Avoid going out to crowded places. 
  • Always keep your hands clean. Keep your surroundings clean. Close your mouth and nose with a cloth while sneezing and cough.

Get information about the virus, Proper medicine through government social media/news. Don’t believe or share the fake information spread through WhatsApp.