Uses, Side Effects and Nutrients of Calabash (Bottle Gourd)

Uses, Side Effects, and Nutrients of Calabash (Bottle Gourd)

There are lots of nutrients present in the vegetables that we eat use in our daily life. Calabash is a common vegetable that can be found mostly in villages. Its flower is white in colour, the fruit looks like a big mustard. Calabash is mostly seen in roof gardens.

Calabash is commonly found in Indian foods, but it is said that the motherland of Calabash is Africa.But now it is cultivated in almost all countries.

A verity of Bottle Gourd grows in the shape of a bottle, it is called as ‘Bottle Gourd’. Overgrown Calabash is used as flute, fishing equipment also uses as swimming gadget. Calabash’s leaf, fruit, seed, plant have medicinal values.

Active Chemical components:

Calabash has lime, phosphorous, iron, vitamin B contained in it.
Also it contains 96.1% of moisture,0.2% of protein,0.1% of colestrol,0.5% of mineral salt,0.6% of fiber,2.5% of carbohydrate.

Bottle Gourd Reduces body heat:

In countries such as India temperature is normally high.thus Calabash is added more to our food from ancient times.Intake of Calabash in any way helps in controlling body temperature, also prevents from heat-related illness. Eating more Calabash during summer season helps to keep the body cool.

Bottle Gourd gives body refreshment:

Cooked Calabash separates urine easily.In some cases urine is sucked back into the blood, it causes more problems to the body, Calabash stops this process.Gives refreshment to our body and keeps us active.People with urinary problems can use Calabash in their food to get better improvement.

To Controls Thirst:

Calabash contains more water content in it, it controls thirst. It cures thirst caused due to various reasons. People with diarrhoea and diabetes can feel more thirst, Calabash helps in curing it.

Eye problems can be cured:

Blood pressure can be controlled by drinking the juice prepared by using Calabash, seed removed gooseberry make it into a paste with some water and drink the filtered juice in the morning, with the empty stomach.Eye problems can be cured by eating ashed Calabash with honey.

Will bring sleep:

Massaging Calabash’s juice combined with any oil used for head before going to bed, this will bring u sleep. Eating the leaf of Calabash will cure sleeplessness.

Calabash should not be eaten raw. People with fever, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis should not eat Calabash.