Unknown health benefits of fresh wood apple

The Unknown health benefits of fresh wood apple

People eat Wood Apple by breaking its shell. Many people don’t know how to eat Wood Apple.
A single seed of Wood Apple has the power to cure Bile. Finding the one and only powered seed is difficult, so a single person has to eat the whole fruit.

Making it edible to eat:

  1. Break the shell of Wood Apple like breaking the shell of a coconut.
  2. Gather the fleshy portion inside the fruit.
  3. Add the necessary amount of black sugar, mix it and cover it with the cotton cloth and keep it in the place of early morning snowfall.
  4. Add A t-spoon of honey and eat it in the morning.
  5. Remember A person has to complete the whole fruit.

Benefits of Wood Apple:

  1. It Get rid of bile in stomach
  2. Wood Apple has more medicinal values. But it is not given more importance by the people.
  3. Vilampalam helps in muscle and body growth.It also purifies the blood.
  4. Wood Apple contains vitamin B2, due to the high calcium content it strengthens teeth and bones.
  5. Ulcer can be cured by eating Wood Apple with curd.
  6. It helps to get strong Uterine

If the shell of Wood Apple is broken, use it within a day.