Top 8 easily available herbs, uses of herbal leaves and Benefits

Medicinal Uses of Easily Available Herbal Leaves and Benefits

Leaves have various medicinal properties in them. That’s the reason leaves were used as an important element in ancient medications. Let’s have a look at the uses of some easily available herbal leaves and benefits near us.

Medicinal Uses of Hibiscus leaves

Hibiscus leaves, fruits have abundant medical benefits in them. The leaf has the property to relieve muscle pain and soothes the muscles. The juice of the leaf which is soft in nature is used to treat baldness and aids in making the hair black. Since the flower has cooling properties, the skin will look radiant. Red flowers are the ones which possess medicinal goodness. Medical scriptures tell us that Hibiscus flower has golden strength. These flowers will cure heart and pregnancy-related problems.

Medicinal Uses of Rose Petal and Benefits

Rose is not only a beautiful flower but has some amazing medicinal benefits. When the smell of the rose is inhaled, it gives strength to the heart. The cold will reduce. Skin will get a glow if you eat 10 rose petals in an empty stomach regularly. If you chew rose petals along with beetle leaves and slaked lime, mouth odor will be prevented.

Nutrients and iron supplements in Basil leaves

Protein, carbohydrate, acid nutrients and iron supplements are found in abundance in Basil leaves. If you eat the powder of basil root consistently, itching and rashes will be cured. It has the ability to heal any kind of ailments on the tongue. It is also used to exfoliate the skin making it soft and smooth.

Benefits of Herbal Neem leaves

Pimples can be reduced by applying the paste of Neem leaves and it can also be taken orally. Take a handful of neem leaves, poppy, turmeric and grind them to make a fine paste. Apply this on your face and wash it after an hour. When this is done regularly, all the chicken pox scars will vanish. Distil neem flower, add Amla juice and honey. Eat this regularly to cure any skin disease.

Uses and Benefits Of Curry Leaves

The oil obtained from Curry leaf is used in the beauty industries for making numerous beauty products. It helps to retain the fragrance in soaps. This also prevents the greying of hair and makes it healthy. The greyness of hair can be reduced when you apply a paste of curry leaves, henna, Karisilanganni leaf stem and a bunch of neem leaf.

Medicine use of Mint leaves

The juice of Mint leaves can give coolness. It acts as a medicine for acne and scars. It also serves as a tonic to enhance skin tone. Mint oil gives freshness to the skin. Moreover, the use of this in bathroom products is also high. Mint can get rid of dandruff and the oil penetrates deep into the roots and promotes hair growth.

Coriander leaves

Apply Coriander leaves oil on the rough areas of the skin in the morning and take bath in the evening to get a smooth and soft skin. Chew coriander leaf regularly to get rid of bad breath. Sodium salt obtained from Coriander balm has a very nice smell. Coriander is used in plenty of many fragrant products.

Medicine use of Tea leaves

A substance called ‘Gabin’ found in Tea leaves is used to enhance the functioning of the nervous system. “Green Tea” a variant of the normal tea is being used in beauty products. Tea leaves have vitamins, mineral salts, and anti-oxidants which fights against disease. Increasing the brain activity, memory power, maintaining youthfulness and keeping the body healthy are some of the qualities of Tea leaves. It also has abundant Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Fluoride which prevents dental problems like tooth decay.