Targetting the Darker Side: 5 Natural Products to Lighten Elbows

While some people are blessed with even and flawless skin, well, some are not. The truth is, there might be several parts of your body that are darker compared to your natural skin color.

Talking about your “darker sides”, your elbows could be the best example aside from your knees, nape, and even your underarms. And if you’re one of the millions of people seeking the deepest parts of the ocean, climbing the steepest mountain, and braving the strongest storms for a solution, congratulate yourself because you’re now on the right track to the answers.

So stick with the following pages because this article is about to deliver absolute enlightenment to your life as it targets your darker sides. With the use of the following natural products which you might be having in your kitchen, get ready to achieve that glowing and stunningly even skin!

Probable causes of having dark elbows:

Don’t blame yourself for having dark elbows – because nobody wants to have one. For some clarifications, check out the list below regarding the seemingly causes of having an uneven skin tone:

  • The build-up of dead skin cells 
  • Inflammation caused by the previous injury
  • Age spots and freckles
  • Extensive friction 
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Having naturally dark skin
  • Hyperpigmentation enhanced by sun exposure
  • Birth control pills in-take
  • Particular skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema
  • Melasma or dark spots from a recent pregnancy

Though the aforementioned causes may also affect other parts of your skin, your elbows are more prone since it receives less care and attention compared with other known parts of your body such as your face.

Also, you might want to know that your elbows and knees don’t consist of any oil glands. So, it’s necessary that you also provide extra love and care to such parts to prevent them from darkening.

Aloe vera

First on the list is the use of aloe vera plant. Aloe vera consists of substances that aid to moisturize your skin and lighten the darker sides of your body

This plant also has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal feature which may it more effective. A 2012 study says and proves that the aloe vera plant can lighten your uneven skin. .

If you don’t have aloe in your kitchen, go check out your backyard or your grandma’s garden. If you can’t still find one, don’t worry because you may find an aloe vera plant or extract in some organic shop online – the faster, the easier.

Baking soda

One more thing that you might be having inside your kitchen’s cabinet that might help you with your dark elbows problem is the baking soda. Baking soda amazingly consists of both exfoliating and skin lightening features.

You can mix it with water or lemon to enhance its effectiveness and also to see earlier results. Baking soda can give you that new and brighter-looking skin by removing dead skin cells on the outer layer of your skin.

Lemon juice

If you ransack your kitchen, you may get another beneficial essential product to use to lighten your dark elbows and that’s the lemon. You can squeeze one whole lemon to get its juice and mix it with baking soda.

The baking soda and lemon extracts are believed to possess bleaching properties, making it more efficient for skin lightening. So, say bye to your uneven skin tone with the continuous use and application of this great combo!

Turmeric paste

Traditional home remedies may be out of style for some, but the jaw-dropping effects of turmeric remains a lifetime. This component comes from a ginger-like Indian root plant and is proven to be an essential home remedy and can be used in many terms.

To see earlier and better results when using turmeric paste in lightening your darker parts, you may want to mix the turmeric with water before the application. Just leave it there for 10 minutes and then rinse off the paste thoroughly.

If you’ll find it hard to have or to find turmeric at home, don’t hesitate to check out the nearby organic shop to your place and ask for it.

Coconut oil

For your dark and damaged skin, you can also use coconut oil as a home remedy. This essential product is loaded with fatty acids as well as with vitamin E which can help you with your uneven skin tone problem.

You can apply a generous amount of this essential and natural oil after every bath or shower. Massage it on the affected areas most especially on your dark elbows. Coconut oil is enriched with natural vitamins which can also eradicate scars.

Why use natural products?

When it comes to health and beauty concerns, many people get easily mesmerized by different colorful and playful advertisements from different prominent brands. Also, the ideology of using products endorsed by your favorite stars are a big factor for you to get hooked up as fast as lightning.

So, upon seeing this article, you might have the question in your mind that says, “why use natural products”?

Well, aside from it helps you save tons of money, essential products or organic foods are naturally enriched with vitamins which you may also see as an ingredient of one of your pricey health and beauty product. 

For a greater understanding, see the list of the benefits of organic products or organic food usage below:

  • Serves as protection from infections
  • Effective for healing damaged skin
  • Fewer irritations
  • It lowers sensitivity and reactions
  • Provides more balanced hormones
  • Contains cancer-fighting properties
  • Consists of vitamins that nourish the skin

Now that you’ve been enlightened enough about the power of natural products and organic foods, don’t think twice of waving goodbye to the piles of bottled or packed health and beauty products in your room.

You might not know what other harmful chemicals it contains that may somehow affect your skin and your overall health. If you got some tips and advice to share, just know that we’re all here to listen!