Symptoms that show you have fiber deficiency diseases

Fiber maintains a proper body function. It is an indigestible carbohydrate. Lack of fiber in your body leads to several fiber deficiency diseases. Fiber level in the body varies by age and sex.

12 months babies don’t need rich fiber content. But kids up to age 1-3 need 19 grams of fiber a day, people up to age 4-8 demand 25 grams, Boys at the age of 9-13 require 31 grams and girls at the same age limit need 26 grams, Boys at the age of 14-50 want 38 grams and girls at the same age limit require 25 grams, Men and women above the age 51 need 30 and 21 grams respectively.

The Lower level of fiber in your daily diet may cause many problems in your body. To overcome this, eat fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, cereals, dried beans frequently. People mostly prefer protein-rich foods and low carbohydrate foods and avoid fiber-rich foods from their diet.

This kind of diet decreases the fiber in your body. Some people eat bread, pasta in the name of eating fiber-rich foods Let us see the fiber deficiency diseases and problems caused by fiber deficiency,


Constipation is the first symptom of fiber deficiency. If you are having fewer than three bowel movements a week and feeling difficulty during stool discharge, you’re constipated. Foods rich in fiber helps to prevent constipation because fiber softens stools and gives a better improvement in stool discharge. Moreover, fiber strengthens your intestine.


Lack of fiber in your diet leads to obesity. Fiber-rich foods fill your stomach soon, So it stops overeating and makes you drink more amount of water. So the level of water content in your body will be proper.

Cholesterol level increases:

Avoiding fiber-rich foods lead to a sudden increase in body fat. Fiber-rich foods help to reduce the number of triglycerides and increase good fat. It reduces the bad fat and improves your body health. It also maintains a healthy heart functioning.

Poor blood sugar control:

Are you a Diabetes patient? Is your blood sugar level is under control? If not, you have fiber deficiency.

Fiber sucks sugar from the small intestine and controls blood sugar level. So add fiber-rich foods in your daily diet.

Sleep after eating:

Are you feeling tired and sleepy after eating anything, then you have not enough fiber in your body. To keep your blood sugar level in normal, take fiber-rich foods. Lack of fiber leads to an increase in blood sugar level. As a result, you feel heavy tiredness and sleepy.

Stomach Bloating:

Bloating is the sensation of excess stomach gas that has not yet been released and is stuck, causing discomfort. Eating not enough fiber is the main reason for bloating. Also, it causes indigestion and gas. The excess amount of fiber intake may also cause bloating. Abdominal bloating may also cause stomach pain.

Hungry after eating:

Fiber-rich foods fill your stomach soon. It won’t make you hungry as soon as you eat. If you eat soluble fiber, it sucks water from the digestive tract and gives you a feel like your stomach is totally filled. Fiber-rich foods get digested slowly and give you nutrients slowly.

Ways to increase fiber in your body:

  1. Fiber-rich foods are cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Add these items to your daily diet you can get enough fiber.
  2. Avoid eating refined and processed foods. It won’t contain any fiber. Instead, it has health spoiling items.