Surprising 16 Health Benefits of Guava and leaves

Guava is one of the most common fruits available in our country. Maybe the reason for it is available at the cheaper rate it is not taken by us. Guava and leaves have a lot of health benefits in it, In winter the tasty guava fruit is available. Guava which has a unique taste and smell is considered as one of the healthy fruits. Guava is considered to be a home of nutrients. Vitamin B and vitamin C are present in this fruit. It also contains mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorous and iron.

We should not underestimate and avoid the health benefits of guava since it is available anywhere and at a low cost.

Now we can learn how to use guava and its leaves to enrich the health of our body.

Guava used to decrease the cholesterol

We can reduce the level of cholesterol by using this fruit. Nowadays the major reason for many diseases is the rise in cholesterol level in the body. Guava is greatly used to reduce cholesterol level. It has a phytochemical compound. Particularly Gaelic acid, kethasin, epikethasin reduces the cholesterol in the body greatly.

To maintain the sugar level in the body

The kethasin which is available in the guava not only reduces cholesterol but also reduces the sugar level in the blood. It also prevents heart attack and paralysis. The fiber nutrition present in guava and lower content of glycemic decreases the reason for diabetes and prevents it.

Prevents the occurrence of cancer cells

Guava leaves have the ability to prevent many kinds of cancer. Vitamin C is present in guava. The leukopenia and carotenoids present in guava have the ability to cure cancer tumors and also protects our cells. Instead of eating the peeled off fruit we can eat the whole fruit since it has more nutrients.

Guava fruit protects the liver

This is very good for the liver. The liver plays an important role in the extraction of toxins in our body. Taking guava on the daily basis strengthens the liver. Guava is four times enriched with vitamin c compared to an orange. The teeth and gums get strong. The digestive system, spleen, and liver become strong and it helps to digest the food.

Increases the immunity

Bacteria, fungus, and virus are not only the major reason for inducing diseases in our body; the decrease in ability to fight against the disease is also a major reason. To increase the immunity, one should take guava regularly. Vitamin C not only increases the immunity but also protects from the spreading of infection of germs.

Guava Prevents cardiovascular disease

Guava stabilizes the sodium and potassium content of the body. This decreases high blood pressure. Guava is used to destroy triglycerides and cholesterol which is the main reason for cardiovascular diseases. This wondrous guava fruit increases good fat in the body.

Eat Guava to increase eyesight

Vitamin A present in the guava fruit improves healthy eyesight. Guava mainly prevents the formation of cataract. Even though guava does not have rich vitamin A compared to carrot, it provides more nutrition to the body.

Medicinal use during pregnancy

Folic acid is present in guava. This is prescribed for pregnant women by doctors. Because it helps in the development of the nervous system of the baby. And also prevents the newborn child from a nervous disorder.

Reduces stress

The magnesium present in the guava relaxes the muscles and nerves present in the body. After doing hard work and working overtime in office, the intake of guava relaxes the body muscles. It also reduces stress and increases potency in our body.

To improve brain function

Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6 are present in guava. These are called as niacin and pyridoxine. It increases the blood flow to the brain. Improves cognitive function of the brain.

To control a cough

Guava is enriched with vitamin C and iron compared to any other fruit. These both act against the virus. The guava leaves juice relieves cold and cough. And guava helps to get relief completely from cold and cleans the respiratory system, throat, and lungs.

We should avoid drinking water immediately after taking guava. Because consuming water after eating guava will lead to throat pain.

Cures wrinkled skin

Vitamin A, vitamin C, carotene, antioxidants, and leukopenia are present in the guava. This helps in reducing the wrinkling of skin at old age.


The guava is rich in copper content. This controls and maintains the secretion of hormones, sucking of nutrients and changes in metabolism. Thyroid cells play a major role in energy control and in the changes in metabolism.

To keep blood pressure steady

The guava decreases the cholesterol present in the blood. It avoids blood thickness and maintains the consistency of the blood. This reduces blood pressure.

The potassium present in the blood helps in regulating the blood pressure. The guava and banana have a moreover same amount of potassium content.

Guava leaves for the protection of the teeth

Guava leaves have the ability to fight against allergies and bacteria. It fights against infectious disease and kills the germ.
Hence, eating guava leaves is a great home remedy. The juice extract from guava leaves cures a toothache, swollen gums, and oral ulcers.

Guava leaves for curing diarrhea

Guava leaves have a large number of medicinal qualities. This cure diarrhea. A Staphylococcus aureus bacterium affects the large intestine and this causes diarrhea.

Grinding the guava leaves and applying to the affected area will cure the wound soon. Guava leaves are good for diabetes patients.
Boiling four to five guava leaves and consume that water.

In the next article, we can learn about the medicinal properties of guava leaves juice and way to prepare it.