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The Unknown health benefits of fresh wood apple

Unknown health benefits of fresh wood apple

The Unknown health benefits of fresh wood apple People eat Wood Apple by breaking its shell. Many people don’t know how to eat Wood Apple. A single seed of Wood Apple has the power to cure Bile. Finding the one and only powered seed is difficult, so a single person has to eat the whole […]

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Ladies Finger Health Benefits

12 health benefits of eating raw ladies finger and it’s seeds

Health benefits of eating raw ladies finger and seeds Ladies finger health benefits: Here We list out about ladies finger health benefits, Researchers say that eating ladies finger helps in clear and focused work. Ladies finger is ranked first in the list of vegetables that are rich in water content and fiber. It contains the […]

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Aspirin may risk in loss of eyesight

Aspirin Affects Eye Sight Consumptions of painkillers such as aspirin may risk in loss of eyesight. It highly affects the people who consume aspirin regularly.These effects were found in recent researches. Researchers made in Europe upon old people who consumed aspirin twice a day were affected by eye problems, this news was found in Telegraph […]

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Nutrition content, vitamins, types, health benefits of spinach

Amaranthus campestris spinach: Amaranthus campestris spinach is a medicinal herb. It helps in the improvement of heart, blood, strength of the body. It helps to cure Tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, Night blinds, and vomiting. Use of Amaranthus campestris in our daily food help to reduce the rate of heart problems. Amarnath spined: Amarnath spined cures Rash, Chronic […]

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