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8 Foods that cancer patients must include in their diet

To cure cancer, medicine is not the only requirement but the healthy and nutritious food is also essential. Only when the cancer patients eat nutritious food during their treatment, they can live with self-confidence and determination. A good nutritious food means including fruits and vegetables in your diet. The fluids in these help for faster […]

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Healthy food Suggestions to lose weight in 7 days

A good body weight paves the way for a healthy and beautiful body. If your body weight is high, you will be affected by many diseases. Therefore, it is better to keep your body weight under control. There are only 2 things you must do to control your weight. Frist thing you must do is […]

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Foods used to clean the burnt lung due to smoking!

A strong lung is essential for a healthy life. It has been found in various research that, in today’s day and age, most people are affected by lung problems due to environmental pollution rather than smoking. In India, environmental pollution is increasing in metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. Due to this, lung-related […]

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10 Small problems which the way to heart diseases

Our body which doesn’t give any trouble during the young age starts to give us a lot of health problem as we grow old. The most important among this is heart-related problems. Heart functions and blood flow is affected by various reasons like eating habits, sleep pattern, work, activities that make us stressful and leisure. […]

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body odor smell tell health

What does your body odor/smell tell about your health?

You can tell about a person, depending on the length of their tongue, fingernails and the color of the cornea. But, do you know that you can also know about a person based on their body odor/smell? Do you know what truth your tongue tells about your health!!! Each human being has a particular body […]

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20 Foods that cause Inflammation

Inflammation is not epidemic. This occurs due to some unique changes in the body. Inflammation is the painful swollen redness spots on our body caused due to the high-temperature flow of blood to the tissues. There might be more reasons for the cause of inflammation. One such reason is food. Yes, food is the reason […]

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Eat Mango fruit often to prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer

Eat Mango fruit often to prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer Generally, seasonal fruits are rich in nutrition. Mangos which are available now is not only tasty but it also contains much nutrition. Even though there are many varieties of mangoes, they all possess the same nutrition. Eat mango to increase immunity The nutrition present […]

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