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Ube Yam Benefits

Nutritional contents, health benefits of Ube purple yam

Purple sweet potatoes are not Ube yam or Purple yam Purple yam is a plant which grows mostly in Sri Lanka and very popular in the Philippines. Philippines people call it a purple Ube yam. It is a climber and grows up to 25 meters tall with a supporting tree. It grows in tropical and […]

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Remove facial hair

7 Natural ways to remove facial and upper lips hair

How to remove facial hair: Some girls have the unwanted hair grown above upper lips. It makes them look darker than the original color. To overcome this some start waxing and threading. But it gives more pain and makes the regrowing hair thicker. This kind of hair growth is natural. Here are some natural ways […]

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Causes Of Male Hair Loss

Causes Of Male Hair Loss & Foods that cause hair loss for men

Hair loss is a big problem for the new generation. New generation male uses many cosmetics such as hair colors, hairspray, etc. They cut their hair in different styles. Nowadays youngsters have excessive hair loss. Male hair loss depends on so many habits such as stress, less sleep, and workload. Food habit is also a cause […]

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Natural remedies for hair loss

Causes of Hair Loss in Women & Natural remedies for hair loss

Hair is the main thing that changes and beautifies one’s appearance. Hair loss is a common problem for all, especially in women. It is due to climatic changes, cosmetics we use, and also foods we eat. Sometimes hair fall is temporary and sometimes permanent hair loss won’t allow hair to regrow. Sudden hair loss makes […]

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Causes of Hair fall & Hair loss control measures

We are all heard about the long hair beauty Rapunzel who used her hair in which her boyfriend used to climb up her wood house in our childhood. We all admire her long hair. To get long and beautiful hair, we should take hair fall control remedies at our home. Just read this article and […]

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Symptoms that show you have fiber deficiency diseases

Fiber maintains a proper body function. It is an indigestible carbohydrate. Lack of fiber in your body leads to several fiber deficiency diseases. Fiber level in the body varies by age and sex. 12 months babies don’t need rich fiber content. But kids up to age 1-3 need 19 grams of fiber a day, people […]

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Home Remedies: Foods that help to prevent bleeding gums

Healthy Mouth is essential for a person. Infections in your mouth can spread germs in your body. So show responsibility to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Reasons for bleeding gums: If you have bleeding while brushing, eat the following foods that can prevent your teeth from diseases. The following foods prevent infections in your […]

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Foods to Help You Detox lungs after quit smoking

Everybody knows that smoking habit will affect our lungs and causes lung cancer. Nicotine, a colorless toxic which acts as a material to cause blocks in the lungs and respiratory tract. After stop smoking be aware of complete curing in lungs which are affected by the smoke. Let us see about the foods which help […]

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