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Latest Health Articles

Health issues caused due to anxiety and the ways to overcome

We want everything to happen instantly without any pronouncement in today’s fast-paced world. Although our legs can wait patiently, our minds are restless to finish any work in lightning speed. This happens not only in our daily life but also in the office. From husbands expecting food within 5 minutes from wife, today they get […]

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Benefits of eating Mushroom for men and women

Mushroom is a food liked by all. Mushroom is a mouth-watering dish for everyone ranging from children to elders. Be it fast-food, biryani, side-dish or a curry, everyone loves to devour mushroom. Do you like a sardine? If yes, then eat a little more hereafter!!! Not only to our mouth, but mushroom adds flavor to […]

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Benefits of drinking adequate water every day

Although the world contains 75% water, only 2.5% of that water is clean and consumable by human beings. Our body is filled with more than 60% of water. By which our body always gets the required water content. All the functioning of our body depends upon on water. Water prevents natural friction and helps in […]

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8 good foods to eat to keep the kidney health

An important organ to cleanse our blood is the kidney. It flushes out the excess water and toxins and sends it to the urinary bladder. For this, the kidneys must function properly. If not, problems like toxin accumulation in the blood, stone formation and blood pressure will start to occur. For healthy kidneys and to […]

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8 Foods that cancer patients must include in their diet

To cure cancer, medicine is not the only requirement but the healthy and nutritious food is also essential. Only when the cancer patients eat nutritious food during their treatment, they can live with self-confidence and determination. A good nutritious food means including fruits and vegetables in your diet. The fluids in these help for faster […]

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