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Facts and benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is produced using the Camellia sinensis leaves, which undergo a procedure of wilting and oxidation. There are various types of green tea, and they differ on the basis of growing conditions, the procedure of production, and the time of harvest. It is loaded with antioxidants and supplements that have powerful effects on the […]

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Increase metabolism

Increase metabolism to weight loss in women

What is metabolism and how does it work? Metabolism is the process of converting food particles into energy. Energy is efficient for regulating and refreshing your body cells. It helps in breathing. Some of the simple activities or work we go through burn out calories. These activities are known as Reduced Metabolic Rate. Reduced metabolism […]

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Kidney stone signs and symptoms

Kidney stone signs, symptoms and prevention measures

kidney stone: The kidney stones are masses made of crystals consisting of insoluble calcium compounds. Urine or urinary bladder may have one or two stones at the same time. The kidney stone is familiar among all the people above a certain age due to the food culture we have today. World kidney day is on […]

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Fiber-rich foods benefits

Facts about high fiber foods and benefits of fiber-rich foods

Fiber is a highly nutritious food that helps in digestion and blood circulation. What is fiber? Fiber is nutrition present in almost all plants. It is not easily digestible. It directly enters into your stomach and cleanses your stomach before digestion. There are two types of fiber Soluble fiber and Insoluble fiber. The fiber in […]

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Eye health care

8 foods that help eyesight stronger & eye health care tips

Our eye’s help us to see all the beautiful things in this world. We can’t do any work without eyes. Our eyes are a wonderful gift from God. Our eyes help us in communicating, viewing, showing, expressing our feelings. Follow this tips to protect your eyes. Sleeping improves your eyes health. Don’t give up sleep […]

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quit smoking

Best ways to quit smoking cigarettes easily

Smoking is a stylish attitude among today’s youngsters. Not only youngsters even kids starting from age 13 are addicted to this habit. More than boys girls are addicted to smoking and drinking due to modern culture. They are all attracted through foreign culture. This habit leads to many kinds of cancer, asthma, sinus, and so […]

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Ube Yam Benefits

Nutritional contents, health benefits of Ube purple yam

Purple sweet potatoes are not Ube yam or Purple yam Purple yam is a plant which grows mostly in Sri Lanka and very popular in the Philippines. Philippines people call it a purple Ube yam. It is a climber and grows up to 25 meters tall with a supporting tree. It grows in tropical and […]

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Remove facial hair

7 Natural ways to remove facial and upper lips hair

How to remove facial hair: Some girls have the unwanted hair grown above upper lips. It makes them look darker than the original color. To overcome this some start waxing and threading. But it gives more pain and makes the regrowing hair thicker. This kind of hair growth is natural. Here are some natural ways […]

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