Organic Farming Agricultural Tips

Agricultural Tips for Organic Farming

Banana Farming

To plant banana in an organic farming way, banana must be planted at the appropriate day and time and not randomly at any day. We can reap the benefits of banana for several years. But, many destroy the plant and again sow a new one, which is unnecessary. As a result, money, and soil are wasted. If we grow banana with care in March and July, it will produce the good yield and make our lives fruitful. April is the best time to sow a grain called Rye. June, July, December are the best months to sow Ragi.

Brachiaria Mutica grass for livestock

Buffalo grass called as Brachiaria Mutica is often submerged in streams and rivers. It doesn’t get spoiled even if it’s there for many years. Even if the growth reduces during the drought it will not get dry. It will start growing as soon as it gets little water. It grows under any circumstance be it hot or shady. Soil erosion can be prevented when water grass is grown near the corner of pools and sloppy lands. The Water grass which was used for harvest can be dried and used for a year! Plow blend can also be dried similarly and used for six months.

It also serves as a good feed for the livestock. As we are consuming English vegetables like carrot, beetroot, potato, we forget our country’s traditional tuber vegetables. One such important root vegetable is Vethala Valli Kizhangu. It can be cultivated along with other crops. In one stick 10 kgs of tubers can be grown. This plant is not affected by insects, diseases and it tastes delicious.

Onion enhance the flavor of your food

Onion which is used to enhance the flavor of the food will hereafter be used to add color to food. “Hohenheim” university in Japan is doing a research on what kind of natural color products can be added to food. In this research, they have discovered that color enhancing products like turmeric and orange can be extracted from Onion.

Tips to farm The Gourd

The gourd is a 3-month crop. It can be cultivated in any kind of soil except, clay and salt sand. It gives good yield when grown in sandy land. Gourd doesn’t have any specific season. It can be cultivated in any season. The crop will germinate faster if it is soaked in water for 8 hours and then sown.

Cultivation of Custard apple

As nature gave in the beginning, Custard Apple is the fruit without any contamination! Custard apple which has the botanical name ‘Annona Reticulata’ is not often cultivated as a single crop. Custard apple buds in the month of July then ripens and becomes a fruit. It is sold during October, November. Cultivation of custard apple is more in Krishnagiri district(South India) because of many forest areas.

The organic way to prevent Lady’s Finger Plant from squirrels

The perfect time to plant Lady’s Finger is February and for Onion its May. Chilli and Cluster Beans can be planted in May, June, August, January, and February. Crops such as Soybeans, Black seed cumin, Thakkaipudu which can moisturize the soil by using nitrogen in the air can be cultivated along with Sugarcane.

This will strengthen the soil and increase the yield. Squirrels can be found in the place where fruit tree grows. They often eat the fruit and make a mess. We need not kill the squirrels for this. Grind a handful of white garlic and mix it with 4 liters of water. Sprinkle this on top of the trees. Afraid of the garlic smell, squirrels and also insects will not come near the trees.

To take full advantage of forage crops on your farm

Feed Crops grows well in any kind of soil. The ground is plowed well twice to turn the soil. It is again plowed after adding 10 tons of organic fertilizers. Then, 20 cents per thousand water grass seedlings are planted. Since this grows fast, it is enough to sow a little amount. Convert the soil into a mire and leave 2 feet distance and plant the seedlings deep into the ground. After the third day, it should be watered once a week. Harvest can begin on the 90th day.