Orange fruit juice helps to stay young and beautiful

Orange fruit juice helps to stay young and beautiful

Reasons behind young generation look unhealthy

Who will not have the desire to stay young and beautiful? Nowadays even 20 years youth looks like a 40 years aged person, getting premature grey, wrinkled skin and eye bags. We couldn’t find a healthy human being nowadays. The reason behind this is the chemical mixed food, half-baked food, preserved food, unhealthy food and not doing necessary exercise for the body.

Today schools look like a prison for student’s community. Education is completely based on knowledge; there is no exercise and games which is needed for the healthy body. Children are sent to the special class immediately after school, in holidays they are spending time only with television. We are travelling only by vehicle even for going to next street. For most of the people, the need of walking is known only after the impact of diseases.

Eat fruits to stay young and beautiful

This habit of unhealthy food and non- exercising will lead to the door of senility. Along with doing the exercise if we eat the fruits and fruit juice which give direct nutrients, we can keep us young for long years.

Health Benefits Of Orange and Orange juice

Now we can know about orange fruit which has medicinal properties and which is available at everywhere and at any time. Some food after taken makes some changes in our body by increasing bile water. This blocks the action of some cells.

This bile water when get mixed with blood destroys the iron content in the blood and thus the blood becomes impure. This bile water when gets to the head it damages the nerves of eyes, increases memory loss, affects the skin and makes it wrinkled. Recently it was found that after eating 300 calories of sweet and fat filed products the secretion of bile water in body increases and gets mixed with blood.

To stop the secretion of bile water and to get enough nutrients for the body some fruit juices are used and one of that is orange.

The people who intake orange has less amount of bile in their body.

The vitamin C present in the orange juice increases immunity and gives the freshness to the body. Because of this the cells function well and will maintain the youngness in us.

Why You Should Drink Orange Juice

The intake of broiler chicken curry, ice cream, and cake increases the heat of the body and leads to the sudden formation of ulcer and sore throat in some people. Sometimes it also leads to cancer. These are the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases. To get out of these effects we should drink 150ml of orange juice regularly. Better to take it twice a day. The calcium and vitamin present in the orange renew the body tissue. Orange juice will stimulate the appetite, reduces constipation and cleans the intestine. Since the blood sucks the nutrients from the orange juice immediately the body gets the desired heat and health. For patients and for babies who don’t get required breastfeeding can drink the orange juice. The infant can drink from 25ml to 125ml of juice.

The orange juice decreases dental diseases. The people who don’t like the intake of milk can intake orange juice for getting required calcium. It has the ability to kill germs. It, when mixed with warm water, can be used for getting quick relief from cold.

Then for the treatment of cold, asthma, tuberculosis, sore throat we can mix 1 teaspoon of honey and pinch of salt for 125ml of orange juice and drink this will cure the problems in the lung.

The emesis for pregnant ladies will be cured by drinking orange juice. It can be used before going to bed to get good sleep.

Vitamins and minerals in the orange juice

The vitamins A, B, C, and minerals are present in orange juice and thus it is important to remain young for long years.