One Fruit 14 Benefits, Nutrients and benefits of pomegranate


Pomegranate has another name in Foreign countries.. “Chinese Apple”. Among all the fruits, pomegranate is the oldest and the best fruit. Worldwide there are 720 varieties of pomegranate.

When pomegranate is eaten for a month by people who are ill for a long time, the body will regain its strength. Pomegranate has medicinal and beauty benefits. This fruit has the greatness to cure Plague and Cancer. Let’s have a look at the nutrients and benefits of pomegranate…

14 Amazing benefits of Pomegranate

  1. When the Nitric oxide level in our body decreases, it leads to depression. Pomegranate has the ability to increase the Nitric oxide level. When eaten regularly, depression can be reduced.
  2. If you eat a handful of pomegranate before the workout, it will steady the blood flow and provide better energy levels to exercise.
  3. ‘Ellagic Acid’ present in pomegranate prevents tan and skin cancer caused due to the sun rays.
  4. Pomegranate seeds have the power to heal injury and scars on the skin. When you eat the pomegranate and apply the oil obtained from the seed on the skin, injury’s will heal faster and the scars will also disappear.
  5. Pomegranate juice strengthens the hair root. It will increase the blood flow to the head and promote hair growth. The vitamins and nutrients present in this will make the hair shinier and voluminous.
  6. If pomegranate is eaten daily, nerve conductors in the brain will naturally increase its strength which in turn makes the brain active, it also increases the memory power. It prevents Alzheimer’s and brain tumors.
  7. ‘Anti-Ageing’ serum which delays the aging process is mostly prepared from pomegranate nuts. When eaten as a fruit the benefits are more.
  8. In foreign countries, pomegranate syrup is given to the newborn babies to prevent any brain damage. If a pregnant woman drinks pomegranate juice regularly, it helps in the child’s brain development.
  9. Pomegranate can reduce any unnecessary fat accumulated in the stomach. It helps in resolving digestion issues, helps reduce weight and type 2 diabetics.
  10. A married woman who has uterus problems can eat pomegranate on an empty stomach every morning. This will improve hormonal imbalance and makes the uterus healthy.
  11. During Menopause, estrogen production will decrease which leads to knee pain and bone damage. The woman can drink pomegranate juice during these days since it increases the estrogen production and fortifies the bone.
  12. Blood pressure will decrease when pomegranate juice is drunk for 2 continues weeks.
  13. A recent research has proved that the ‘anti-oxidant’ present in the pomegranate can destroy the unseen germs in the gums and tooth.
  14. If 100 ml of pomegranate juice is drunk daily, the blood vessels will relax and the blood carrying high oxygen will reach the heart, thereby making it healthy.

Nutrients present in pomegranate

(In 100 grams of pomegranate)

• Calorie – 83%
• Vitamin C- 17%
• Vitamin K – 14%
• Carbohydrate – 14%
• Protein – 14%
• Potassium – 6%
• Iron – 4%
• Magnesium – 3%
• Fat – 1%
• Fibre – 16%

Eat at least a handful of this vitamin-rich fruit every day. Eat the organic one instead of any hybrid variety. Pomegranate is indeed an incredible fruit! There is no doubt in that.