Nutritional contents, health benefits of Ube purple yam

Purple sweet potatoes are not Ube yam or Purple yam

Purple yam is a plant which grows mostly in Sri Lanka and very popular in the Philippines. Philippines people call it a purple Ube yam. It is a climber and grows up to 25 meters tall with a supporting tree. It grows in tropical and subtropical regions. This plant has tumorous root called yam. Leaves exactly resemble betel leaves, large and heart shaped. Veins are very dark. Square shaped purple color slippery stem.

Purple yam is dark brown colored and inside flesh color differ from white, yellow and purple. Philippines use this as the flavor for ice cream, milk, swiss rolls, cookies, cakes, and other pastries.

Nutrients contains in purple yam:

Vitamin B6(22.31%), Carbohydrate(21.45%), Copper(20.00%), Vitamin C(19.00%), Potassium(17.36%) are the major nutrients.

Cultivation of purple yam:

We should begin plantation on rainy days. Plant a tuber slip in a large container. Water yams at least once in 5 days and check soil moisture every day. After planting feed them up to 4 weeks. Apply fertilizers of 1-inch high band.

To keep the plant safe from self-propagating pluck off and discard the brown colored bulbils that appear along the vines during summer.

Harvest the tubers during late summer, once the vine has stopped growing. If you want to replant then plant it 2 feet apart and 2 inches deep in same bed.

Purple Yam Health Benefits:

1) Digestion:

It improves digestion because it contains fiber and pectin. Both will help in the proper digestion process. So it will keep us safe from indigestion and constipation.

2) Hypertension:

Purple yam will control hypertension. It will keep your blood pressure in control because it contains anthocyanins.

3) Protects the liver:

The anthocyanins present in the root will extract. Due to this extract, the formation of liver scar tissue and liver cell damage may get reduced.

4) Blood circulation:

Purple yam contains some purple pigments which help to conduct blood circulation in the body. It serves as anti-oxidant. So blood clots will not occur. Blood circulation becomes clear.

5) Cancer:

Purple yam act as an anti-cancer agent. Killer disease cancer is very painful. Treatments like radiation and chemotherapy give more pain and discomfort. Consuming yam daily increase immunity power and prevent cancer to a certain extent. Yam can prevent colon cancer from occurring. Vitamin A present in yam prevents oral cavity cancer and lung cancer.

6) Cures asthma:

Asthma occurs due to pulmonary organs that are difficult to expand. Consume purple yam daily. It will cure asthma easily.

7) Anti-bacteria:

Purple yam is high in antibacterial activity. So including it in your regular diet is beneficial for overcoming all bacterial problems.

8) Carbohydrates:

Purple yam is a good source for carbohydrates. It contains a high amount of it. We can use purple color as an ingredient for food coloring.

9) Iron and copper:

Purple yam contains copper and iron which helps to prevent anemia. It also acts as a detoxing agent for kidney, spleen, and pancreas.

Side effects and allergies of purple yam:

Breastfeeding or lactating women should avoid this because it causes fatal for the child. You should avoid yam if you have problems like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer or breast cancer. People having protein S deficiency should avoid yam as they might cause blood clots.