Nutrition facts Health Benefits and Side Effects of Pineapple

Pineapples contain high amounts of Nutrition. Pineapple is the most nutritious among all the fruits. You become healthier and stronger by eating fruits and vegetables. Since the immune system is improved, your body gets healthy and fights against disease.

Pineapple Nutrition facts

Water content is 85% in this sweet and flavorful fruits. Pineapple contains 13% sugar, 0.60% protein, 0.05% mineral slats and 0.30% fibre. It also consists the goodness of calcium, phosphorous and iron. Essential vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin b and vitamin c are also present in pineapple.

Medicinal Values of Pineapple

Pineapple can also cure jaundice and dysentery. It dissolves kidney stones and reduces body and hip pain. It relieves the vomiting sensation, enhances your beauty and keeps your internal organs healthy.

Pineapple as Medicine for Children

The juice from pineapple leaves is an effective medicine for deworming. If you drink the juice of pineapple leaf along with 1 spoon of honey, all the stomach worms will be washed out. If a spoonful of the juice is drunk along with little sugar, then hiccups and spasms can be cured.

The internal organs of children will become strong if they drink pineapple juice along with honey. Eyesight will improve. If they drink this juice regularly, appetite will also improve. Bone and body strength also increases.

Pineapple Cure for Heart problems

Physical strength will increase if the pineapple stem is eaten along with honey. Your body will get a glow. Eating pineapple regularly dissolves kidney stones. The weakness of heart will be healed. Hip pain will reduce if you drink an ounce of pineapple juice four times a day. If the juice is kept in the throat for few seconds, throat pain and sore throat will be cured.

Pineapple Increases digestion

Pineapple juice is the best for treating jaundice. Digestion will be easier if a piece of pineapple is eaten after a heavy meal. Since the juice has acidic properties which increase the bodily functions, it aids in improving digestion. If a cup of pineapple stem is eaten consistently, the body gets the required amount of manganese salt required daily.

The body gets the essential salts such as potassium and calcium. The glucose in this fruit plays a vital role in metabolic changes.

Pineapple heals any bile related problems immediately. Fat content in pineapple is less and fiber is more. Since, pineapple has protein, digestion issues and swelling in the body will not occur.

Pineapple helps to Reduces belly fat

Pineapple has the power to reduce the belly of anyone including young girls. Cut the pineapple into small pieces, then add 4 spoons of Carom seeds powder and mix well. Add water to this and bring it to a boil. Leave this overnight. The next day morning, squeeze the pineapple and drink the juice for 10 days. Slowly, the belly fat will start to reduce.

Side effects of pineapple

Pineapple not suitable for people those who are allergic to pollen and dust.

Pineapple has the power to shrink the uterus. Therefore, all the pregnant woman, please avoid this fruit!