Nutrition content, vitamins, types, health benefits of spinach

Amaranthus campestris spinach:

Amaranthus campestris spinach is a medicinal herb. It helps in the improvement of heart, blood, strength of the body. It helps to cure Tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, Night blinds, and vomiting. Use of Amaranthus campestris in our daily food help to reduce the rate of heart problems.

Amarnath spined:

Amarnath spined cures Rash, Chronic and Nerve disorder. Amarnath Spined Helps to keep the bones strong. Digestion problems and stomach Ulcer can be cured. Problems related to nose, throat, mouth, and teeth can be cured by adding Amarnath Spined in our daily food, it is also good for health.

Regular feeding of Amarnath spined to children boosts their strength and keeps them healthier. Amarnath Spined contains a number of vitamins. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B, lime. Amarnath Spined increases the growth of children, without the need of any other tonic or tablets.


The taste of this Canakkirai increases when cooked with dal. It cures a desease called makoratham. It cures all kinds of the wound in an effective and quicker way. It helps in the removal of Phlegm from the chest.

Chicken weed Or Wild purslane:

Chicken weed helps in curing constipation. Reduces body heat. Gives chillness. It cures all kinds of urine diseases. It contains more amount of viatamin B.

Amaranthus Tricolour Spinach:

Amaranthus Tricolour cures al diseases related to bile. It regulates the amount of urine excretion int the body.

Oxalis corniculata Spinach:

Diseases related to piles can be cured by using Oxalis corniculata Spinach. Cures Arthritis, Bile can also be cured.

Black-berry night shade Spinach:

Swelling of the body can be reduced by this Black-berry night shade Spinach. Mouth ulcer, stomach ulcer, psoriasis can be cured. Adding this once and while in the food can prevent any kind of liver problems.