Nutrients, Uses, Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

Types of Curry Leaf

Curry leaves can be categorized into 2 types. “Country curry leaf and forest curry leaf.” Country curry leaf is used for cooking and forest curry leaf for medication. Sweetness, sourness, and smell are present in country curry leaf, whereas forest curry leaf is bitter in taste.

Nutrients in Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have nutrients like lime, phosphorous, carbohydrate, protein, iron and minerals. It is also rich in vitamin A, B, and C. It has ample amount of Lime nutrient. These nutrients provide strength to the body and make the bones stronger.

Insipid, fever
Extreme bile problem, my dear people
Eat curry leaves and see the wonder!

We can understand from the above poem, that disease like loss of taste, fever, stomach pain caused by dysentery and bile problems will be healed if we eat curry leaves.

Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are also used as a medicine. It has herbal qualities, that can be used to cure many diseases. Curry leaves strengthen the body. It also increases the appetite.

It will solve the bile problems and removes body heat. Curry leaf spinach provides vitality to the body. Curry leaves will cure nausea, chronic flu, stomach discomfort caused by dysentery, insanity and bile problem.

It will heal problems such as vomit, tastelessness, diarrhea, feeling of bowel movement after eating, poor appetite and cold. Curry leaves also aids in providing good eyesight, prevents greying of hair and gives a glow to the skin.

Curry leaf juice strengthens the white blood cells. People who eat diet food can include curry leaf chutney in their daily food.

Curry leaf serves as a very good healing medicine for preventing eyesight loss and greying of hair.

Ageusia is the loss of taste functions of the tongue. Whatever food is consumed, it tastes like mud. The tongue loses the inability to detect any taste like sour, bitter etc. to cure this problem curry leaf chutney is useful.

For better and healthier hair growth, powder some curry leaves, mix it with egg white and apply this on your hair.

Curry Leaves chutney recipe

To prepare curry leaf chutney, take the required amount of curry leaf and clean it. Add tamarind, ginger, green chili, cumin and salt to the leaves and grind it using a grinding stone. Eat this chutney along with your food to help the tongue regain its taste functions.

When this chutney is eaten along with food regularly, you will not be affected by any disease and you will be healthy.

Curry leaves are used to treat people with mental illness. It helps in stabilizing their mind and gives them a clear state of mind.

Grind some cleaned curry leaves using a grinding stone and keep it in a container. Add one lemon juice to this paste and eat it with rice in the morning and evening. Continue eating this until the mind becomes intellectual.

Since, curry leaves are rich in vitamins and Lime, chew and eat the leaves present in foods instead of throwing it away.

To be healthy, eat curry leaf chutney at least once in two days.