Medicinal values of Black Basil (Black Tulsi) and Clove

There is no one who is not affected by the cold. The medicines we take for this, give us only temporary relief but not a permanent one. Most often, if our immunity is good then the illness can be cured without any medicines. But, if our immunity is weak, cold will cause severe nose block making it hard for us to breathe. Discomfort during these days is maximum. If cold is not treated properly, diseases like Tuberculosis and Pneumonia will affect us. Allergies caused by bacteria and fungi, cold due to infections can be controlled using medicine. But, we must suffer from cold caused by viruses, since they are not treatable by medicines. Sometimes, it also attacks the brain and causes the threat to our life. Mucus is a naturally present fluid to protect the lungs from drying. But, when there is more than the required quantity of mucus, then it must be excreted. Further, to prevent cold from affecting us due to allergies and to increase immunity we need to take medicines. Turmeric, pepper, coriander, lesser galangal, garlic and small onion are some natural food that has the capability to increase immunity. These must be included in our daily food.

Black Basil is an excellent herb to prevent cold, to increases immunity, allows us to have curd, milk and strengthens the lungs. Basil which has the botanical name ‘Ocimum Tenuiflorum’ belongs to the ‘Lamiaceae’ family. The leaves of basil have the power to remove phlegm and increase immunity. Drink boiled milk along with 2 or 3 black basil leaves to remove phlegm caused by the milk allergy. When you steam your face with black basil, cold caused due to sinus can be cured. To prevent recurring cold, soak 5or 10 black basil leaves in 1-liter water and drink this water regularly and eat the leaves too.

If we eat 2 to 4 black basil leaves on an empty stomach every morning, we can prevent ourselves from cold caused due to allergies and germs. Black basil which serves as an anointing product to lord Thirumal who reigns in the ocean of milk can be used to cure a cold caused by allergic reactions.

Medicinal value of Clove

Vomiting will stop when roasted clove powder is eaten along with honey. Certain stiffening agents in the clove will trigger some organs to work fast, thereby controlling the vomit.

Add 4 grams of clove to 3 liters of boiling water and wait till it reduces to half a liter. When this is drunk, cholera can be cured. Eat clove along with some cooking salt to heal sore throat problems. Burnt clove is the best to treat irritation caused by throat blockage.

Respiratory inflammation caused by asthma can be cured by eating 3 drops of clove oil along with honey and garlic juice before going to bed.

Add 6 cloves to 30 ml of water and boil it. Drink this extract with some honey to control asthma.

When you use clove along with the tooth powder, problems like mouth odor, gum swelling, toothache will be cured. Use clove oil on the affected gum areas for healing.

To relieve ear pain, heat clove in 3-5 drops of gingelly oil and use that oil on the painful ear. Muscle cramps can be cured by applying clove oil on the affected areas.

Make a paste of clove, salt and cow’s milk and apply it on the head for a headache to disappear. Since the slat sucks all the excess water from the head, the headache will reduce.

To cure any eyelid infections, scrape some clove in water and use it on the affected area. Clove is used for cooking purposes to enhance the taste of meat and for making meat masala powder. Clove is also used for fragrance and soap making.