Medicinal and nutritional benefits and uses of orange peels

Orange peels look like it has been formed carefully and with hard work. Since orange is made of many goodnesses, it is considered as the most respected among all the fruits.

Usually, we use orange to drink its juice or we just eat the fruit. But, we never give importance to its peels. If we know about the medicinal and nutritional benefits of orange peels, then we would realize what a big mistake we have been committing.

Benefits of eating orange!

Here, we are going to learn about the various uses of orange peels. Brace yourselves.

Do you want a glowing skin?

Orange peel has the quality to give a glow to the face naturally. When you apply the juice of orange peel on your skin, it makes the skin soft and removes any black spots. It is safe to use the orange peel on your skin. It is good to use the orange peel on your skin without much pressure and you can also use orange paste. Orange peels not only makes your skin glow but also makes it soft, cleans the pores naturally and protect the skin from UV rays.

Reduces fat

Orange peels consist of all the nutrients to reduce fat. These nutrients help to reduce the ‘LDL’ or the bad cholesterol and prevent blockage of the arteries. Once you start including orange peels to your food, then you can get rid of the fat quickly.

Prevents cancer

Orange peels have the quality to destroy germs that don’t have oxygen and it takes oxygen from the healthy cells. By this, the growth of cancer-causing cells is prevented.


Have you been experiencing heartburn for a long time? Here is the natural remedy for your problem- orange peels! Research proves that the active chemicals in orange peels help to relieve us from heartburns. You can bid goodbye to heartburn when you use orange peels for about 20 days.

Digestive issues

Orange peels contain most of the fiber needed for our food. In 100 grams of orange peels, 10.6 grams of fiber is found. Orange peels can cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome and can relieve us from constipation and bloat. Tea prepared using orange peels has the quality to strengthen the digestive organs.


Vitamin C is available in abundance in orange peels which is the best for increasing immunity. The oxygen resistant products found in this vitamin C helps to cure Bronchitis, blue, cold, asthma and lung cancer.


In the olden days, people protected orange peels like a treasure because of its medicinal benefits. The nutrients obtained from orange peels help to heal indigestion and other digestion related problems. The fiber found in this controls the intestinal functioning, therefore digestion will be good.

Various benefits of orange peels

Orange peels contain many other benefits apart from the above mentioned medicinal uses. Using this peel, orange fragrant fluids can be prepared. Shall we have a look at some of the new benefits of orange peels!

Air freshener

Orange peels can be used as a citrus scent to prevent any bad smells in the room. All you must do is, mix either sandalwood or cinnamon with the orange peels. The best thing about this is, it is 100% natural and cost-effective.

To brighten teeth

The cheapest and natural product you can use to brighten yellow teeth is to use orange peels. You can either apply it as a paste or you can directly use the peel on your teeth. Many must have thought if this can be done on sensitive teeth. But, the truth is just the opposite! Another property of orange peel is that it can cure tooth sensitivity also.

Orange peel is used for cleaning

Orange peel helps to clean your stained sink. Don’t be amazed. The natural oil found in orange peel is used to remove and clean the dirt.


Orange peels contain nitrogen, which is used for the formation of plant leaves. There is nothing equal to an orange peel to regrow plants that have lost its life. But, using too much is also not good. Because leaves will shrink if the sand contains too much of nitrogen.

For cooking

When orange was harvested in the beginning, the peel was protected very carefully. Orange peel is added to food to enhance the taste and to add sourness. Even today, you can reap benefit by using orange peel to your food, since it has enormous nutritional benefits.

To get rid of insects

Do you know that orange contains natural acids to get rid of mosquitos, flies and other insects? You might not have known. Sprinkle orange juice in the places where there are ants and other insects and reap the benefit.

Warning !

While using orange peels make sure you buy the organic ones rather than the oranges grown using pesticides. Because most of the oranges sold in the market today are grown using synthetic fertilizers. The chemicals in these oranges are not good for your skin.