Do you know the reason for less saliva secretion?

The reason for less saliva secretion

An important thing in our body is the saliva. It keeps our mouth hydrated always without our knowledge. What will happen to our mouth and body if there is no saliva?

The work of saliva is to help us digest the food and it also controls the bacteria and fungi in our body.

Bacteria will increase if the saliva secretion in our mouth reduces. Tongue dryness, gum crack might occur if there is less saliva in the mouth. Let us now understand the truth behind saliva secretion and the reason for less secretion.

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Truth #1

Diabetes, chicken pox, cirrhosis due to aging and depression dehydrates the mouth and causes tongue dryness.

Truth #2

Medicine intake for certain diseases also causes dry mouth. Medicine taken for diabetes, chicken pox, cirrhosis due to aging and depression can lead to mouth dryness.

Truth #3

Radiotherapy treatment for cancer also causes mouth dryness. Any medication that reduces saliva secretion leads to mouth dryness.

Truth #4

Mouth dryness occurs when the nervous system gets affected due to accident and surgery.

Truth #5

If you don’t drink enough water or the body becomes dry due to other reasons, mouth dryness occurs. Fever, vomiting and blood transfusion also leads to mouth dryness.

Truth #6

The first side-effect of using tobaccos like the cigarette is mouth dryness. People who breathe with their mouth open can be affected by mouth dryness.

Truth #7

Thirst cracked lips and stomatitis indicates mouth dryness. It also occurs if there is no proper breathing.
Mouth dryness can be cured if you consult a doctor when you notice the symptoms.
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