Kidney stone signs, symptoms and prevention measures

kidney stone:

The kidney stones are masses made of crystals consisting of insoluble calcium compounds. Urine or urinary bladder may have one or two stones at the same time. The kidney stone is familiar among all the people above a certain age due to the food culture we have today. World kidney day is on March 12.

What causes kidney stones:

Some food particles or drinks form some insoluble substances in our urine. This kind of insoluble particles causes kidney stones. This stones won’t create any symptoms until it came out through urinary bladder. It slowly came down through urinary bladder. Kidney stone pains a lot. It causes pain in the bladder as well as in your backbone. It causes back pain frequently.

Our food culture is also responsible for the kidney stone. Eating meat and egg, drinking a low amount of water, Eating oily as well as fried foods, fast foods, leads to cause kidney stones.

Signs and symptoms of kidney stones:

The person who has kidney stone may have irritation during urine outcome. It is the first symptom. The color of the urine also gets change. At the starting stage, you suffer due to fever and cold fever frequently. You might feel stomach irritation during digestion. Also, forms an unpleasant smell during urine discharge. Pains in the abdomen. Forms blood in the urine. Nausea and vomiting.Low amount of urine discharge. Women are mostly affected by kidney stone problems. Kidney stone symptoms in women are vomiting, high fever, unclear urine, belly pain, heavy sweat in the face and urine discharging area, Bladder pain, and irritation.

Various kinds of kidney stones:

Calcium stone, Uric acid stone, Cystine stone, Struvite stone, are the four types of kidney stone. Most of the people are affected by calcium stone. It consists of compounds such as calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate. Oxalate is present in spinach, tomato, cabbage, cashew nut, chocolate, meat, and fish. Our liver also generates oxalate.

Phosphate is rich in oil, seeds, nuts, carrot, and milk. Those who have rheumatism would be affected by acid stones. Excess intake of protein-rich foods may also cause a kidney stone. Cystine stone forms through the hierarchy. It secretes an amino acid called cystine in the urine. Struvite stones are forms through infection.

Prevention method:

Drink more amount of water:

Those who have kidney stone should drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day. Always prefer warm water, that is good for health. Also, drink health drinks. Liquid foods are efficient in disposing of kidney stone.

Reduce salt:

It is enough to add 2.5 grams of salt for kidney stone patients. Salt contains sodium chloride. Increase in sodium may spread calcium in the urine. Here, calcium mixes with phosphate to form a kidney stone. So, reduce the amount of salt in the food you eat. Avoid all salty foods to prevent kidney stone.

What should I eat?

People who have kidney stone should eat watery foods, fruit juices, barley water, tender coconut, cereals, orange, lemon, guava, dates, cucumber, watermelon, pineapple, zucchini, gourd, pumpkin. These foods are capable of reducing acid in urine. It increases urine secretion and helps to dispose of stones. Helps to stop stone formation.

What should not I eat?

Coffee, tea, black tea, soda, coke, ice-cream, chocolate are rich in phosphate. So you should avoid these items. Likewise, avoid dry fruits, nuts, beetroot, soybeans, yam. They are rich in oxalate. Reduce salt, chilly and tamarind in food. Reduce all calcium-rich foods such as milk, curd, fish, white yolk, radish, shrimp, prawn, butter, ghee, milk-Kova, milk halwa. Avoid calcium tablets.

Avoid mutton completely because the protein present in it increases uric acid in the blood. Mutton reduces citrate level. Both will tend to form kidney stones. Eat more fiber-rich foods that are good for kidney health. Avoid going out in the sun during the summer season. Keep an umbrella to protect you from the sun. Heat from the sun dries out the water content in your body. It is also a reason for the kidney stone.