Increase metabolism to weight loss in women

What is metabolism and how does it work?

Metabolism is the process of converting food particles into energy. Energy is efficient for regulating and refreshing your body cells. It helps in breathing. Some of the simple activities or work we go through burn out calories. These activities are known as Reduced Metabolic Rate. Reduced metabolism harms your body, especially below the hip.

For every food, you eat the enzyme present in your body cells breaks down the food into energy. Rapid metabolism can burn extra energy. Metabolism burns calories that tend to lose body weight. Let us learn about the techniques to improve metabolism. Eating some foods help to increase metabolism. Increase in metabolism automatically result in weight loss. Proper diet and exercise speed up metabolism and increase metabolism rate.

Food Habits to boost metabolism:

A sudden change in calorie changes metabolism rate. Food choice is important. Choose food that is rich in protein and low cholesterol. Add low cholesterol drinks along with food. Do the proper exercise for weight loss. Eat metabolism boosting foods.

Stress and Depression:

Depression reduces the metabolism process. Depression automatically reduces body weight due to sadness and low eating. Stress accelerates betatrophin that make protein to block the enzyme and controls cholesterol.

How Fasting increase metabolism?

Eat a day, fast a day. Day 1, eat whatever you love to eat until your stomach gets to fill. Day 2, your body burns 500 calories from the food which in turn increases metabolism. You should fast on the second day.

Weight lifting exercise:

Weight lifting is the best exercise to reduce cholesterol. You should choose a weight that suits your body weight. Take 2 to 3 minutes rest in between each set. It boosts metabolism. Fast metabolism results in weight loss.

How to burn calories faster?

Early morning exercise burns 20% of cholesterol. Then follow the diet, protein at 7.30, 17 ounces of water at 11.00, It helps in fast metabolism. It improves body health and keeps you energetic.


Muscles present in your body burn calories. Protein is essential for muscle building. This mechanism extends metabolism that can drive you to proper weight loss and maintain great body health.

Diseases affect metabolism:

Osteoarthritis, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Thyroid, Diabetes are the diseases which cause lower metabolism.

Green tea:

Catechins is an ingredient present in green tea that increases metabolism. Drink beverages that burn cholesterol.

Metabolism boosting foods:


Papaya is rich in vitamin C. It speeds up metabolism and burns cholesterol. Liminoid and lycopene present in papaya lower the risk of cancer.


Women should consume more greens. Spinach and broccoli are rich in fiber and low cholesterol foods. It gives a stomach full feel and also burn cholesterol.


Cereals are rich in fiber, contains anti-oxidants and vitamins. You may have fast digestion and good health.


Raspberry fruits burn cholesterol. The fiber present in it reduces the speed of digestion. It is rich in anti-oxidants that regulates body health.

Nuts and badam:

Nuts and badam are rich in vitamins and fiber that enlarges metabolism and keeps your body healthier. Eat nuts instead of snacks.


Orange has low calorie and contains citric acid which increases metabolism and burns cholesterol. Lemon honey is also a good diet that gives energy and lowers hunger.