How to Glow up your skin and hair using Aloe vera gel

   Women always wanted to keep their skin shiny, smooth, soft, and beautiful. Aloe-Vera gives you all these naturally. It is a plant that could easily grow up in all the places. Plant a single leaf in a pot or grow bag or anywhere, it would grow up. We don’t need to water it often, it will grow up by itself. Aloe-Vera is the main ingredient that was added to almost all the beauty products. Certain beauty products have Aloe-Vera as a flavor in it. Let’s see how Aloe-Vera creates magic in skincare.

How to glow up your hair using Aloe-Vera? 

 For all the hair related problems, there is one solution and that is Aloe-Vera. Hair fall, dandruff, split ends, white hair, damaged hair, and lice can be prevented by Aloe-Vera. It stimulates new hair growth, rejuvenates dry and damaged hair. Tightens the roots of the hair to hold up tightly in the scalp. It would clear out dandruff.

How to Apply Aloe-Vera on the scalp?

 Take an Aloe-Vera leaf and peel off. Then, take the fleshy gel out and massage in your scalp, hair from top to bottom. Massage properly in the roots and ends. Let the gel rest in your hair for 30 minutes and then wash it properly. Do this once every week and get a glowing, shiny, beautiful hair. It is the best natural conditioner ever. 

 Aloe-Vera would give you naturally flowing, awfully looking hair. You can add honey or egg along with Aloe-Vera gel when applying in your hair. 

How to get rid of dark circles with Aloe-Vera?

 People who wear spectacles, and those who always use the computer and mobile phone, and those who have stress comes up with dark circles. Dark circles are different from your skin color and give you an ugly look. Apply aloe vera gel on your eyes and the outer surface of your eyes. It will give you a good feel, coolness, and remove dark circles. 

 It is good to give massage to your eyes with aloe vera gel. This massage could keep your eyes cool and even good for stress relief.

Removes Darkness:

 Our skin tone turns darker once when we went out in the hot sun and return home. Apply aloe vera gel on your face daily to get rid of darkness. It also acts as a good sunscreen. It prevents early aging.

How to get rid of dry lips using aloe vera?

 People get dry lips due to weather changes. Mostly in the winter season. Lips even get dryer due to dehydration. Licking your lips will make your dry lips even dryer. To get rid of this, apply aloe vera gel on your lips before going to sleep or else you can use this as a lip balm by mixing it with olive oil. 

Removes Acne Scars & Stretch Marks:

 Aloe vera acts as the best medicine to cure acne scars and stretch marks. Apply the gel over the stretch marks and acne scars daily. Soon it will get you a good result. 

Cures Dandruff:

 Most of the people struggle with a dandruff problem. Dandruff can be caused due to oil, dust, sweat, and dirt. Apply aloe vera gel on your scalp before taking a bath. It also prevents hair fall.

How to make Aloe vera gel at home?

Wash the Aloe vera leaves and cut into pieces. Then cut the edges and remove the outer skin. Extract the gel out and cut the gel into small pieces. Blend well using a blender or big spoon and transfer the gel into a bowl and store the gel in a cool place.