How to ensure that your child is growing right mentally and physically

Becoming a mother changes everything. Not just the title of your life, but also it makes you responsible for the wholesome growth of a fresh unattended brain. Your child when born and while growing-up is totally like a blank canvas that you can transform into anything you wish for. It can be turned into a very creative and constructive mind that is full of brilliant ideas and plans. Not just that, did you know that the age of 8 to 15 years is the period when most children grow rapidly, both on the physical and mental aspects. That means this is the right time to ensure that your child grows mentally and physically. How do we do that? We will find out in this crisp blog dedicated to all the hard-working mothers.

A Mother’s Role in the Growth of a Child 

Motherhood does not come with a user manual. It comes with a lot of responsibility though. The responsibility of shaping and carving a mind, strengthening a body, and ensuring that the child’s growth is not halted by anything. A mother’s role in her child’s life is very crucial. From the day he/she is born, the mother is the only teacher, friend, and guide who makes sure that the child grows mentally and physically. We can never compare one child’s mind and body to the other. Every kid takes its own time, technique, and style to learn and grow. But, the most common tips that a parent can use to let your child grow into a trained mind are the same.

You can follow them as a mother or share the same with your co-parent so that both of you can focus on the ultimate growth of your child. Let’s begin with some very common tips for mothers that fits all.

Tips for Mothers / Parents to help Children Grow Better


Every kid is special in its way. You can never compare one child on a specific standard to the other. Some are blessed with a very good scientific temper, while others will possess amazing creative skills that can put you I wonder. Being a parent, you have to discover that skill, talent, and possession that your child can be shaped into. Along with that, you can never ignore the importance of a strengthened body and a good physique. So, this way, let’s get started with a guide to make a child physically and mentally strong.

Do what you want to be

I would like to call this one the key to parenting 101’. A child is like a monkey, he/she will copy whatever you do, say, or behave as. They will be grasping, observing, and adapting everything around themselves. Sometimes you evidently will be able to see that, and the others will be affecting them in their subconscious. If you want your child to be an avid reader, then read around them, read with them, and keep books around the house.

Keep Anger and Agitation at Par

Anger, sadness, and disappointment are parts of human behavior, and being a parent does not change that fact. But, as now you hold the responsibility of a fresh young, and curious mind, you need to be conscious and aware of where and when, and how to say things. How to vent your negative energy and how to handle your anger with a child around the house. Never dispense your bad mood to your child in any form. Avoid having the couple fights away from the children and keep them away from the negative and unnecessary information at least at this age.

Keep Them Physically Active

Children are full of energy. They will be running from here and there the whole day without any pause. But, looking at the current scenario and lifestyles that we people are living in, it becomes important to check your kid’s activity rate. While we were under lockdown, children were not able to go outside and play. They were trapped inside the house and we cannot ignore the fact that keeping them away from technology becomes nearly impossible in that case. Which means more time in front of the screens and lesser physical movement.

The solution to that is keeping them busy in games which will make them move physically and will also shake their brains a little. Dance with them, play activity games with them, indulge them in painting, pottery, gardening, etc. This tip is quite good for the physical and mental growth of the children.

Focus on Nutrition

Kids do not care about food. They will ask for anything when they are hungry, and sometimes parents even complain about their children not eating at all. For everyone including children, food must not be something just to fill your appetite. Every time your child eats, it should be a nutritious meal. Kid’s diets must include all kinds of minerals, vitamins, carbs, proteins, and fats. To match the level of the activity of your child, it is important to feed them every possible nutrition especially at the growing age. 


Childhood is the time when the human body grows the most. Our brain is developed to its extent, and that’s why this period is highly crucial when you can make sure that your child is growing both physically and mentally. Home is the first school, and the mother being the first teacher needs to understand the things that the child needs the most, and from what they should be kept away from. Do not let your child indulge much in video games, TV, or computer. Encourage safe outdoor playing and make fast food an occasional thing. Good food and an active lifestyle in the starting days will go with them for a lifetime.