Home remedies to get instant relief for stomach pain and gas

Some people get stomach pain due to bloating. When the intensities in our body don’t accept certain food we eat and due to digestion issues, the irritation caused by the intestines leads to stomach pain. Stomach pain also occurs if there is the gas formation in the stomach.

As your stomach gets bloated, it leads to pain in the stomach. Stomach pain is also caused due to the irritation and ovarian cancer. There are some medicines and preventive remedies for stomach pain. If you get stomach pain, you can use the below remedies to obtain immediate relief.

Drink water

Stomach pain occurs mostly because of the poor performance of your abdomen. Pain also occurs when you don’t pass feces regularly, due to constipation and gas. Hence, if you drink enough water, you can protect your stomach. Water helps to relieve constipation and reduces pain.


If you feel bloated and heavy, then go for a walk outside. By doing this you can reduce stomach pain and get instant relief naturally. Walking slowly is of no use. After every meal, practice walking a little. This helps to prevent stomach pain.

Drinking carbonated beverages

Many stomach related problems can be cured by drinking beverages with soda and carbon-di-oxide. You can drink these beverages to get instant relief whenever your stomach is heavy and hard. Carbon-di-oxide combines with the already present gases in the stomach and helps to bring it out. By drinking this, the pain will reduce and your stomach will feel light.

Eat mint

Stomach bloating and pain reduces when you eat mint. If you treat stomach bloating, stomach pain will automatically be cured. You can drink mint tea and you can also prepare mint chutney. You get best results when you add mint to the carbonated drinks. Stomach pain can be cured quickly when you eat mint along with other foods. Mint can be eaten along with ginger, black salt, and lime juice. When you eat mint with either of the these, your stomach will be soothed.


If the stomach pain doesn’t reduce by using natural remedies, then you can take medicines. Many digestive medicines are available in the shops to provide instant relief. Powders like ENO can also reduce stomach pain.

Eating Nutritious food

Eat slowly and chew your food properly to avoid stagnating food in the stomach. By doing this you can prevent gas formation. Proper eating habits and regular exercise prevents any digestion related problems. Avoiding unhealthy food, following a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious food are the things you must follow to cure stomach pain.
If none of the above methods helps you to get rid of stomach pain, then you should consult a doctor. Sometimes, stomach pain is also caused by ovarian cancer which cannot be detected at the early stages. Don’t ignore any problems which affect our health.