Home remedies, Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Phyllanthus niruri

Medicinal Uses of Phyllanthus niruri

Phyllanthus niruri which serves as a balm for jaundice is still used in herbal medications in the villages. Phyllanthus niruri has a lot of health and medicinal Uses and benefits

Colloquially, the name Phyllanthus niruri is the one which is called as Keezhanelli, Keezhvaainelli, and Keetkaanelli in the southern part of India, Also known as gale of the wind, seed-under-leaf and stonebreaker in other countries. Since the lower part of the leave’s stem has berries the name Phyllanthus niruri was coined.

Useful Chemicals in Phyllanthus niruri

Phyllanthus niruri contains more than 50 types of chemicals namely Phyll Nirulin, Norsecurinine, Nirphylin, Phthalic acid, Ellagic acid and Halic acid.

Medicinal Uses of Phyllanthus niruri

Modern medical research has proved that Phyllanthus niruri can be used to fight against Fungal diseases, Cancer and Tightness disease. Further, it is also proved that Phyllanthus niruri has the properties to reduce blood sugar level and protect the liver against any ailments.

Phyllanthus niruri serves as the best medicine for Jaundice, ulcer, throat disease, stomach pain, high heat, eye disease, menstrual problems, low appetite, skin disease, incurable ulcers, sinus, and bleeding.

Home remedies And Benefits of Phyllanthus niruri

Phyllanthus niruri: Treatment for Jaundice

Take Phyllanthus niruri leaves, Karisilanganni, Basil, and cumin in equal quantity and grind it with fresh cow’s milk or coconut milk. When the above is consumed for 7 days, jaundice will be cured in no time.

Depending on the age, the medicine quantity can be reduced and given to small children too. During the days of taking the medicine tamarind, tobacco, spices and fatty foods should be avoided. Instead, curd rice and milk rice can be eaten with roasted salt.

Phyllanthus niruri: Treatment for Anaemia

Take equal amount of Phyllanthus niruri, False daisy Spinach and mix it with very little milk as the size of Amla. When this is consumed, Albinism, fatigue and blood levels will change. Frequent cold, blood loss, anaemia will improve and immunity will also increase if the equal quantity of Amla powder, Phyllanthus niruri powder, and False daisy Spinach powder is taken along with honey.

If menstruous continuous for more days, then make a powder of equal amount of fig bar, peepal bar, jamun bar, sacred fig bar and Phyllanthus niruri and have it alternatively with a spoon of honey or hot water or milk. The problem will be cured soon.

Phyllanthus niruri cure for Skin Disease

Mix and apply Phyllanthus niruri and turmeric on the body for few minutes before having a bath. This will not only cure any skin disease but also prevents any further skin ailments. For rashes to disappear, make a paste of Phyllanthus niruri and apply it on the rashes for rapid healing.

Chew Phyllanthus niruri well and brush your teeth. When this is done regularly, toothache will never come near you again!