Health issues caused due to anxiety and the ways to overcome

We want everything to happen instantly without any pronouncement in today’s fast-paced world. Although our legs can wait patiently, our minds are restless to finish any work in lightning speed. This happens not only in our daily life but also in the office.

From husbands expecting food within 5 minutes from wife, today they get noodles in 2 minutes. But it has no nutrients. Similarly, when a work takes 1 month to complete, we receive instruction from the higher authority to complete it in 1 week.

This is where anxiety is born. The compulsion to finish the work even when we cannot do it. This anxiety and stress are mainly caused by the people who are sitting in front of the computer and work towards a target. The answer to what will happen because of this is, health problems will increase!!

Read below to know what will happen if anxiety increases and the ways to overcome it.

Mental health is affected

Stress and anxiety is the reason why today 20% of the youngsters are mentally affected.

Chances of suicide

A survey states that “70% of the suicide committed is due to anxiety”.

Varieties of anxiety

Common anxiety, anxiety due to fear, phycological compulsion, social anxiety, inferiority complex and depression are some of the types of anxiety.

Anxiety symptoms

Insomnia, wheezing, excessive sweating, palpitation, fear caused when we can’t do a work but compelled to do and not being able to concentrate on the daily work are the symptoms of anxiety.

For your attention

None can control your anxiety except you. Increase your mental strength. Be strong if your decision is right. Fearless life is the best medicine to cure anxiety.

Good relationship system

Surround yourself with good and positive people. Family and friends who are supportive of you both mentally and physically will help you to be safe and peaceful.

Develop your talent

The best way to cure anxiety is to develop your talents. It is said that success and opportunities will come searching for you if you are talented. Hence, develop and increase your talent.

Unknown places

More anxiety will happen in unknown places. In such places have a habit of going forward and talking with everyone. Then anxiety will also go away from you.

Must avoid

It is necessary to avoid too much of caffeine, alcohol, and cigarette.

Medical guidance

Consulting a phycologist will help you overcome anxiety.

Don’t act

Don’t act like a brave person, having so many fears inside you. This will only increase anxiety and doesn’t reduce it. Hence, be true to yourself and others.


Never accept you don’t know the work nor accept an unknown work and act like a dumb, instead make it a habit to learn the work and complete it. This helps in increasing your mental strength and courage.