Health benefits medicinal values of Anise and the methods to intake

Anise is used not just for flavor and smell

Our elders who are creative and knowledgeful gave utmost importance to health in their life. Siddhas and Saints are the ones to made the world realize that “Health is Wealth”. Our kitchen is the greatest medical repository. Siddhas discovered the medicines in our own food to treat illness. Don’t assume that spices such as anise, cumin, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and cinnamon is added just for flavor and smell. Each ingredient has the best medicinal value. In the previous post, we saw the benefits of cumin. Now, let us learn about the goodness of Anise.

Anise has the power to digest the food

Usually, in hotels, they give anise after we have our meal. You must have seen people eat that. Let us understand the meaning of this now. Yes, this has the power to digest the food. Hence, ample quantity of anise is used while cooking non-veg and foods that are not easily digestible. This is called as fennel and white cumin. It is a type of garlic. It has a mixed color of white and green. It is being cultivated all over India. Especially, it is grown in abundance in South India (Kerala).

Medicinal benefits of Anise

Its flower, seed, and roots all have medicinal benefits. Anise aids in increasing the digestion capacity of foods that are not easily digestible. After a meal, chew anise and drink its juice to digest the food faster. Due to the foods we consume, allergies occur in the intestine, thereby damaging it. Hence, intestine walls are affected which causes the ulcer. To cure this, include anise in your food daily. Stomach pain and stomach flu occur because problems like indigestion and stomach ache affect the stomach passage. People who suffer from the above problem should eat anise and the effect can be seen in a short time. If the uterus is weak conception is difficult. Many couples suffer because they are not able to give birth to a child.

Anise helps to resolve uterus related problems

To resolve any uterus related problems, grind roasted anise and eat 2 grams separately or with brown sugar. The liver is one of the most important organs. If this organ is damaged, bile will increase, which will lead to many diseases. Anise is used as a medicine to treat this.

Other health benefits of Anise

To cure liver diseases, grind roasted anise and have one teaspoon of this with honey in the morning and evening. People suffering from a cough, runny nose, throat infection and chronic cold can do the following. Add anise to water and boil it, then filter and drink the water. Also, drink this water to cure diabetes, coldness, and fever. People who don’t feel hungry can eat anise to increase the appetite. Hope now you understand the greatness of Anise.