Gotu kola herb medicinal uses side effects and warning

Gotu Kola is a medicinal herb found in river banks, streams, lakes, near ponds, farms, and grows well in clay sand. Its leaf resembles the shape of the kidney, long stem, strong veins, and roots help them to spread larger. It grows widely in wet regions and a most known medicinal herb. It is famous among medicinal plants.

Gotu Kola has a long life span. Its flowers are smaller in size and pink colored. Each bunch of stem contains 3 to 6 flowers. Fruits are smaller in size. Leaf resembles like frog legs.

We can grow Gotu Kola in our home. Plant a branch in your garden. It spreads its branches fastly.

Gotu Kola medicinal uses:

It is a medicinal plant which increases urine, regulates mensuration, cures wounds in the mouth, stomach pain, inflammation soon, and skin diseases.

Gotu Kola is a combination of sugar, bitter and sour taste. It increases sweat. It is efficient for kids to improve memory power, intelligence, innovative thoughts. To improve brain strength dry out the leaves in sunlight to make powder. Place two grams of this powder in a glass containing milk and give this to kids morning and evening. Otherwise, eat two raw leaves early morning with empty stomach.

Clean up the leaves neatly and make Gotu Kola sambar and eat twice a week which can make your veins strong. Fry these leaves in Castor oil and apply on tumor and inflammation to get the cure. Make this leaf into juice and add an equal amount of ghee and apply on wounds and fractures.

Take a bunch of leaves and boil in 1/2 liter water. Boil until it becomes 100 ml. Eat 50 ml twice a day to overcome leprosy. We can continue the treatment for two months. It contains a medicinal component called asiaticoside. It present in our body to grow nails and hairs.

Gotu Kola is used to purify the blood. Brushing with this leaf cleanses all the yellow shades in teeth. Gotu Kola helps to treat nyctalopia. Eat Gotu Kola along with pepper to keep the body fresh. It is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C.

Gotu Kola for hair growth:

To get long and healthy hair, boil these leaves in Castor oil. Filter the oil and store in a glass bottle. Daily morning apply the oil in the scalp for hair growth.

Centella Asiatica keeps skin tighter:

Applying Gotu Kola on the skin might reduce Psoriasis. Gotu Kola contains a compound called triterpene saponins that helps to keep skin tighter and firmer. It maintains skins elasticity and youthful glow.


Children who are affected by fits must avoid eating this. An excess amount of Gotu Kola intake causes headache and Dizziness.

Side effects:

Pregnant women should avoid taking Gotu Kola by mouth and also during breastfeeding. But it is safe to apply in the skin. Avoid using it if you are nursing.

Gotu Kola causes liver damage:

Those who are already struggling with liver diseases should avoid this. It makes it worse. People who undergo any surgery avoid taking this.