Foods used to clean the burnt lung due to smoking!

A strong lung is essential for a healthy life. It has been found in various research that, in today’s day and age, most people are affected by lung problems due to environmental pollution rather than smoking.

In India, environmental pollution is increasing in metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. Due to this, lung-related diseases are also increasing. It is enough to include certain foods in your diet to find a solution for this problem.


Garlic contains raw material needed to remove excess toxins. Allicin present in garlic is used to remove and reduce toxin levels. Garlic is also used for asthma patients and to reduce the chance of lung cancer.


Ginger too contains toxin killing substances. It is good to include little ginger in your daily food. Ginger aids in destroying stagnated toxins in the respiratory tract.


As garlic and ginger, turmeric also has substances to increase immunity and to destroy toxins.


Apple is rich in vitamins and contains flavonoids. It is used to strengthen the respiratory system. It also prevents lung diseases.


Blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry are rich in anti-oxidant. This assists in preventing lung cancer. It also helps to avoid infections and lung diseases.


Vitamins and minerals are found in excess of grapes. Grapes help in recovering from the factors that caused lung cancer and to clean it.


Pomegranate contains many raw substances. This has the characteristics to avoid the development of lung problems.

Nuts and beans

These foods contain a high amount of magnesium. Including these to the food we eat is very good for asthma patients. It increases the potential and performance of the lungs.


Eating raw Pista helps to improve the health of lungs. Further, it is used to prevent lung cancer and reduces cholesterol level.

Red Chili

Dried red chilli or red chilli is used to cure a sore throat, breathing problems and cough. It also provides the good cure for a bronchial cavity.


Onion is rich in vitamin B6, C, and folic acid. It can strengthen the immune system. It can fight against lung cancer.


It healthier to drink water than soda’s, alcohol and processed beverages. It has the power to destroy toxins in the lungs and body.

UAE has announced May 31 as World No-Tobacco Day. They are taking steps to create awareness among people against smoking. Even though the number of tobacco addicts increasing day by day. Smoking habit is popular among teenagers. From this moment take a resolution to quit smoking before next may 31