Exercising Your Ankles

If you’re an athlete or runner or someone who enjoys fitness at any level you already understand the strain that activity can put on your body and especially your ankles. In fact, there are many reasons people experience ankle pain, from sports-related injuries, such as sprains, to medical conditions including arthritis and gout. The obvious problem is that ankle pain, whatever its source, can make both exercise and everyday activities difficult. You’ll have a hard time training for a marathon or getting out on the track when it hurts to even walk. You may even struggle to manage daily life. This is why many people turn first to a doctor to find relief.

But while medical attention is sometimes warranted, there are several simple exercises that you may want to try first. By understanding the best ways to strengthen and condition your ankles at home, you may be able to stabilize and support them enough to improve or even prevent pain.

How Exercise Improves Ankle Pain

There are several simple steps you can take to relieve ankle pain, such as soothing with heat or ice, applying over-the-counter-topical creams or investing in more supportive shoes. You might also get an ankle brace to alleviate pressure and improve discomfort. But one of the best decisions you can make for better ankle health is exercise. Here are two key ways it can play a pivotal role in pain prevention. Exercise can help you lose extra pounds.

1. Exercise can help you lose extra pounds.

When you shed pounds, you lessen the load your ankles are carrying. Obviously, maintaining an appropriate weight is important to your overall health, not just for your ankles. But to minimize pressure on your lower joints, a healthy weight is key. The less excess weight you carry, the less strain on your ankles as you go about your day.

2. Exercise can relieve pain.

By helping you maintain a healthy weight and build strong muscles, exercise reduces the pressure that can lead to ankle pain, but it also can help relieve discomfort when it occurs. The key here is knowing which exercises to try. While some types of movement can increase the risk for ankle strain or sprains those that can cause the foot to roll and your ankle to twist, for example, there are low-impact exercises that can soothe injuries and increase ankle strength. Simple movements such as hopping, stretching and walking are all perfect for this. Certain stretching exercises also will make a huge difference in keeping your ankles pain-free.

Stretches to Help You Get Started

To inspire you with a few possibilities for stretches and movements that can help alleviate ankle pain and make it possible for you to maintain your workouts without being hobbled the attached infographic is a helpful resource. In it, you’ll find five simple, but effective ankle exercises, from ankle circles and ankle strengthening to calf stretches and ways to improve balance. By faithfully following this gentle regimen, you may be able to relieve ankle pain while strengthening these essential joints.

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