Is eating food from Aluminium foil boxes hazardous to health?

The aluminum sheet is commonly used for cooking in the house. People say that using the aluminum bag for cooking is equal to adding it to the food and this causes danger to the health.

But some say it is absolutely safe to use it.

This article helps to know about the demerits of using aluminum foil in cooking and if it can be used daily.

What is Aluminium foil?

Aluminum foil is a thin, dense metal that is used for cooking and other household work.

There is a little amount of aluminum in our food!

Aluminum is one of the earth’s redundant metal. It is found in its natural state along with other chemicals like phosphate and sulfate in the sand, rocks, and clay.

Aluminum is naturally present in fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cereal, and milk.

Aluminum is available in excess than other foods in tea leaves, mushrooms, spinach, and radish.

Further, aluminum is also present in the foods we consume. It is also found in processed foods and color enhancers.

Aluminum is found more in commercially prepared food than the home-cooked meal.

Aluminum present in food and medicine is not dangerous to health because only a small quantity is absorbed by the body. Remaining aluminum is flushed out as sweat and urine.

It is safe to include the required amount of aluminum in our food.

Aluminum foil increases the quantity of aluminum in the food!

Aluminum present in the body comes mostly from the food we eat.
Research says that “including too much of aluminum to the food causes harm to the health”.

But researchers say that the little aluminum acquired from aluminum foil doesn’t cause any problem to health.

Health problems caused due to excess aluminum!

Aluminum present in the food is considered to be safe since it is automatically excreted from the body.
It is said that aluminum plays a vital role in diseases like Alzheimer and IPD diseases. But, this information is not yet proved.

How to reduce aluminum quantity in cooking?

It is impossible to completely avoid aluminum in your food, but you can reduce it.

Given below are the ways to reduce aluminum in food

  1. Cook at low temperature
  2. Useless aluminum foil. Ample aluminum must not be used while cooking tomato and lemon which is rich in acid.
  3. Use non-aluminum vessels like glass and ceramic.

Avoid commercially prepared baked and processed food. These contain more aluminum when compared to home cooked food.

Should you stop using aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is not dangerous, you can increase the content a little in your food.

If you worry about the aluminum quantity of your food, then you should stop using aluminum foil.

However, there must be a required quantity of aluminum in your food.

If you notice that you are consuming more than the required amount, then it is necessary to stop using aluminum foil.