Do you know that you can find out if your heart is healthy using toes?

Many people around the world face death due to heart diseases. We all know the reason for this is, today’s food habits and lifestyle. People have also become health conscious these days.

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Is your heart healthy? Are you curious to know? Then read the easy methods given below to know if your heart is healthy or not.

Heart health

It is necessary for each one to know if their heart is healthy or not. By which, sudden death due to the heart attack can be prevented.

New Analysis

Researchers have found that a heart is healthy for those people who can touch their toes with their fingers without bending the legs.

Diagnostic Method

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs, if you are able to touch your toes with fingers then it means you have a healthy heart.

American analysis

About 526 people in the age of 20-83 participated in a survey conducted in the northern Texas of America, in which people were asked to touch their toes using their fingers without bending the legs.

Blood pressure and heart functioning

During the analysis, the participant’s blood pressure was measured and the arteries and heart functioning were monitored closely.

Results of the research

It was found that people with heart diseases were not able to touch their toes.

Good condition

If you can sit straight and touch the toes, it means your heart is healthy. If you cannot touch, then you might get heart diseases and if you feel there is any problem, meet a doctor and check yourself without post ponding.