Causes Of Male Hair Loss & Foods that cause hair loss for men

Hair loss is a big problem for the new generation. New generation male uses many cosmetics such as hair colors, hairspray, etc. They cut their hair in different styles. Nowadays youngsters have excessive hair loss. Male hair loss depends on so many habits such as stress, less sleep, and workload. Food habit is also a cause for hair loss in men.

Causes of hair loss and baldness in teenage:

Fried foods:

Oily foods are rich in cholesterol that causes hair loss. The saturated fat and trans fat present in it may cause hormone inequality and increase hair loss.


In men, the hair falling out due to excess of coffee and tea. Some people will drink coffee and tea more than two times a day. The person having coffee drinking habit frequently might suffer by hair loss. Green tea contains less amount of caffeine. So coffee addicts would prefer green tea instead of coffee or tea. Less sleep also causes excessive hair loss.

Sugar-free foods:

The zero calorie foods which you buy from shops have artificial sugaring chemicals that reduce the density of your hair and make them fall.

Packaged foods:

Packed foods have food preserving chemicals in that. It causes hair loss for men.

An excess amount of vitamin A:

Foods that are rich in vitamin A also causes hair loss because it forces hair to fall out.

Bread, Biscuit:

Bread, cake, and biscuits also increase hair fall.

Roadside shops:

Youngsters are addicted to fast foods. The unhygienic food you buy from roadside shops is also a reason for hair loss. It also harms your body health.