Causes of Hair Loss in Women & Natural remedies for hair loss

Hair is the main thing that changes and beautifies one’s appearance. Hair loss is a common problem for all, especially in women. It is due to climatic changes, cosmetics we use, and also foods we eat.

Sometimes hair fall is temporary and sometimes permanent hair loss won’t allow hair to regrow. Sudden hair loss makes you sad. Do you find a bunch of hairs in your comb when combing, don’t be upset or depressed because hair loss is a normal thing in our daily routine. A female loses up to 50 to 300 hairs a day. Girls, please don’t bother about it.

There is a way to identify whether the hair fall is usual or not. Check the fallen hair whether it contains a small white ball like structure in its root. If you find such white structure, your hair is healthy. Otherwise, you have hair fall problem and must consult a hair clinic.

Today, the only medicine for hair loss is Rogaine. It is available only in foreign countries. Rogaine costs 5000 per month. Doctors suggest good food, peace, rest, enthusiasm and regular exercise to reduce hair fall. Hair fall problem solutions are here. Just read this throughout.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women:

Tightening and pulling:

When you tie your hair so tightly, Your hair loses its strength and start falling. So ponytail guys please, be careful when tieing your hair.

Hormone changes:

When hormone secretion increases in the body, hair also grows long and black. Hormone secretion increases during pregnancy. Secretion of hormone reduces after delivery and hair start falling.

And for teenage girls, less estrogen secretion causes hair loss.

Anemia/ Fever/ Sterilization medicines:

Diseases like anemia, typhoid, pneumonia, and sterilization tablets or injection are also hair loss causes. Do you have hair loss due to the above problems, please ask your doctor about this.


Healthy food is essential for hair growth. Changes in food culture and lack of nutrients may cause hair loss.

Natural remedies for hair loss female:

  1. Do 15 minutes head massage daily morning when you wake up. It speeds up blood flow and gives strength to the hair.
  2. Add gooseberry in coconut oil and boil it. It stops hair loss and gains vitamin C for hair growth.
  3. Take one tablespoon gooseberry powder and Karisalankanni ( Known as False Daisy ) powder, and mix in water or milk and drink morning and evening.
  4. Take equal amount of gooseberry and mango. Then mash it completely. Apply this paste on your hair and bath. Try all these medications.