Causes of Hair fall & Hair loss control measures

We are all heard about the long hair beauty Rapunzel who used her hair in which her boyfriend used to climb up her wood house in our childhood. We all admire her long hair. To get long and beautiful hair, we should take hair fall control remedies at our home. Just read this article and find out the causes of hair fall and Hair loss control measures.

At first, stop bothering about hair fall and be confident. Every hair is made up of a tough protein called keratin. Hair follicle anchors each hair into the skin.

An ordinary man’s head contains 1,20,000 -1,50,000 hairs. Some of them are in a growing stage. Your hair grows 1/2inch per month. It takes years to grow up. A fully grown hair takes rest up to 3-4 months and then fall and allows new hair to grow. A healthy man loses 100 hair strands per day. Healthy food intake may help your hair grow longer.

Let us see the reasons for hair fall and their control measures.

Causes of Hair fall

High level of vitamin A:

If a person takes an enormous amount of vitamin A, it causes many side effects such as hair fall. A person can take 10,000 IU vitamin A per day. If the amount crosses its limit, side effects may occur. Hair fall is one of the side effects. We don’t get more amount of vitamin A from the food we consume but from the vitamin tablets. So avoid taking vitamin tablets.

Protein Deficiency:

Low level of protein in your body leads to hair fall. Your hair loses its strength and begins to fall. Also, it stops regrowth of new hair.

Hormone Changes:

In women, during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, there might be hormone inequality due to estrogen generation. It causes hair fall. Estrogen increases during pregnancy and reduces after delivery. This hormone change causes hair fall.

Insulin and testosterone are the two growth hormones which help in hair growth. Secretion of male hormones in women leads to a decrease in the density and slimmer your hair. There are some Natural remedies available for women, that can help to reduce hair loss and regrow hair


Iron deficiency also causes hair to fall. It is a simple logic that oxygen induces hair to grow. Iron-rich foods are good for hair growth.


Low level of thyroid reduces new cell generation in your body. Moreover, your hair becomes dry and break in the end and get slimmer. It is a common problem for girls.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS):

PCOS means secretion of androgen a male hormone in the body. This hormone weakens the roots of the hair and leads to hair fall.


When you get old, the hair follicle also got reduced in number. At a stage, the hair stops growing and becomes weaker. Your hair loses its density and appears slim. For girls, it is because of hormone inequality during the menstrual cycle.

Sudden weight loss:

Stress and depression lead to sudden weight loss and hair loss. Your hair goes to resting stage. Your body absorbs most of the nutrients and doesn’t give anything to hair. Lack of nutrients makes your hair to fall.


Hereditary is the main reason for baldness. Hierarchical genetic order, hormone inequality, and age are the reasons for baldness. There is a belief that baldness depends on mothers family.

Stress or Depression:

Depression drives the roots of the hair follicle to rest. Sometimes your immunity power spoils the roots of your hair. Some people have the habit of pulling out their hair while thinking.