What does your body odor/smell tell about your health?

You can tell about a person, depending on the length of their tongue, fingernails and the color of the cornea. But, do you know that you can also know about a person based on their body odor/smell?

Do you know what truth your tongue tells about your health!!!
Each human being has a particular body smell, but if you use perfume you may not know the smell. But, everyone has a unique smell.
Among the three, to which category do you belong? Read to know about it!!!
One can also know about the illness of a person’s health, whether he is stressed depending on the change in the body odor.
8 things your feet reveals about your health!!!

It expresses love

A study proves that body smell attracts the opposite gender. A boy and a girl have the ability to sense each other’s body smell.

A shirt was worn for 2 days

In a study, wives were given many shirts of their husband along the shirt they wore for 2 days. In the end, the wife’s identified their husband’s shirt correctly.

Expresses stress

You will sweat a lot when stress levels increase. It’s an unaware fact that your body smell/ odor changes if you are stressed. Your pet animals will find it.

Dogs are very clever

You might have noticed that sometimes your dogs will be near you all the time when you are tired or worried. This is because dogs can sense about a person’s feeling based on their body odor.

Tells about your health

Whenever you are not well, body smell/ odor changes. In Europe, a dog was trained to detect cancer by smelling.

Cancer, diabetes

We can find out ourselves the difference in our body smell/ odor when we get affected by cancer and diabetes.

Mosquitos friend

We might have noticed that in places where there are many mosquitos, some people get bitten more than others. This is because body smell is the best friend of mosquitos.

There is no discrimination against twins

Mosquitos don’t discriminate between twins and bites them equally.