Best ways to quit smoking cigarettes easily

Smoking is a stylish attitude among today’s youngsters. Not only youngsters even kids starting from age 13 are addicted to this habit. More than boys girls are addicted to smoking and drinking due to modern culture. They are all attracted through foreign culture. This habit leads to many kinds of cancer, asthma, sinus, and so on.

chemicals in cigarettes

Cigarette contains,

  1. toluene (industrial solvent),
  2. carbon monoxide (car exhaust),
  3. cadmium (batteries),
  4. arsenic (rat poison),
  5. ammonia (toilet cleaner),
  6. radon (radioactive gas),
  7. hexamine (barbecue lighter),
  8. methane (sewer gas),
  9. tar (road surfaces),
  10. acetone (nail polish remover),
  11. nicotine (pesticide),
  12. polonium-210 (radioactive element),
  13. methanol (rocket fuel),
  14. hydrogen cyanide (poison),
  15. butane (lighter fuel).

Tobacco smoke contains 60 cancer-causing substances and thousands of chemicals. Lung cancer is the disease caused by smoking which leads to death. Smoking is a slow poison. It kills.

People usually start smoking for a little happiness or by the force of some friends or either by depression. Anyways, smoking makes your lung burn. It also affects the person who stands near the smoking person. People won’t think about the side effects while smoking. It is an addiction. So you can’t stop it when you want. But we have given some steps that may help you to quit smoking.

Inspiring quotes:

Write some inspirational quotes in some paper and paste that in the door, mirror, office desk, car, fridge. These quotes will give you motivation and faith.

Quotes should promote good habits and should be interesting to read.

Exercise help quit smoking:

When you feel like you want to smoke. Do exercise or run for some time. It secretes some acids in your brain. That acid will stop your desire. Exercise also improves your body health and makes you fit.

Spending time with friends:

Good friends and good environment help you to quit smoking. Go out with friends and do some good things that make you happy. Be with good friends. They may help you quit smoking. Please don’t go out with drinking friends. They may spoil you. If you were a married person spend time with your wife and kids. Playing with kids change you a lot.

Yoga to quit smoking:

Do yoga daily. That makes you stronger inside and outside. It also reduces stress and makes your mind clear. It helps you forget smoking. Yoga also improves digestion and gives good health. Do inhale and exhale exercise.

Diverting your mind:

Try to make yourself busy in any one of your passions. Just like dance, singing, sports, music and so on. It will divert your mind and also gives lots of happiness. Do all the things which make you happy. These relaxations help you quit smoking. Always try to keep you busy in any passion when you want to smoke.

Stop drinking:

Mostly smoking persons have the drinking habit too. So if you want to quit smoking stop drinking habit also. Both smoking and drinking drive you very fastly to death.

Natural treatment to cure smoking habit:

Acupuncture treatment is the best way to cure smoking habit. So try this treatment if you want to quit smoking.

How to manage depression or stress:

Stress is the main thing that forces you to drink. So eat well, sleep well, don’t overthink anything, don’t go through your past, always be with some people, don’t be alone, don’t depreciate yourself, be positive and do good things.

Go somewhere where you get peace such as worshiping place or to any beautiful place like the garden, waterfalls, green trees.

Do cycling or swimming when you are free. It will relax your mind and body. It gives happiness and also good exercise.

Watch comedy movies or cartoons to relax your mind. Avoid listening to anything that disturbs your mind.

Read some good books that give you good thoughts. It is a good habit. Choose books like inspirational and moral stories. Read a daily newspaper. It helps you to reduce stress.