Health Benefits of Snake Gourd And Snake Gourd Brew controls fever

Benefits of Snake Gourd And Snake Gourd Brew controls fever

The origin of Snake Gourd was from India. The botanical name of Snake Gourd is ‘Trichosanthes anguina’. The leaf of Snake Gourd has got an important place in the natural medicins of India. Some of the Health Benefits of Snake Gourd listed as below.

Highly active chemical components:

Snake Gourd has enough amount of protein, cholesterol, fiber, lactose, iron, carotene, thiamine, niacin.

Health Benefits of Snake Gourd – Heals heart pain:

One of theHealth Benefits of Snake Gourd is, It is best for heart patients. Reduces body heat and gives chillness.It is the best way to reduce body weight for diabetic patients. It is also used in the treatment of jaundice, also used in stomach problems.

People with the risk of heart attack must include Snake Gourd in their daily food.

Health Benefits of Snake Gourd – Controls Fever:

It helps in curing fever. Some people may have a body condition that they may be often affected by fever. Such persons should use Snake Gourd regularly for a week. It helps them from getting affected by fever often. It also prevents from sudden fever.

Health Benefits of Snake Gourd – Prevents hair fall:

A cup of Snake Gourd leaf juice daily and 3 to 4 time of Snake Gourd along with food. This will help in the regrowth of the hair in your head. Snake Gourd leaf with soaked in water along with Coriander over a night can cure jaundice.

Who Should Avoid eating Snake Gourd:

Only the unripe Snake Gourd should be cooked and consumed. Ripen Snake Gourd must not be eaten. It will no be digested easily. The seeds from the ripen Snake Gourd must be used only as evacuant medicine.