Aspirin may risk in loss of eyesight

Aspirin Affects Eye Sight

Consumptions of painkillers such as aspirin may risk in loss of eyesight. It highly affects the people who consume aspirin regularly.These effects were found in recent researches.

Researchers made in Europe upon old people who consumed aspirin twice a day were affected by eye problems, this news was found in Telegraph News.


Not only eye problems, aspirin is the main cause for many other problems. Paals D Jong is a researcher in Neuroscience Acadamy in Netherland, he along with his team has found that people having heart problems are the one who is consuming more amount of aspirin.The aspirin prescribed by doctors damages our retina, it slowly makes us blind.

Cures Cancer:

Though it is harmful, taking 75mg of aspirin daily can cure a liver cancer called Golan, it was found by a group of researchers from Europe. It is found that the rate of death due to Golan cancer is around 6lakhs 55 thousand.

Dr.Peter Rothwel from Oxford university says that aspirin cures cancer. It is found from the researches done for past 20 years.Aspirin was prescribed to 8282 people out of which only 119 people died.professor Rothwel says that this could be the perfect cure for all cancer in future.