Anemia: Side effects of taking too much iron supplements

Iron is an essential nutrient. It needed for body health. Iron deficiency anemia is a common problem nowadays. Most people who are affected by anemia is teenage girls and pregnant women. Those who are affected by iron deficiency may have a low amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Doctors advise them to have iron tablets.


If you have insufficient iron in your body, you may have body pain, tiredness, hair fall and low amount of thyroid gland secretion. When there is a less amount of iron in your body, the thyroid gland reduces its functions. Thyroid occurs when there is a loss of iron in your body. You may also have symptoms like fainting, sadness, severe headache.

People who are affected by anemia should know this:

Mostly the symptoms those mentioned above known to be the reasons for iron deficiency. Some more symptoms are there, dry skin, changes in the skin, breathing problem, headache, pain in hands and legs, feels hard to identify the taste of the food you consume, frequent breakage in nails, less hungry, filled feeling without eating anything. It’s better to consult a doctor as soon as you find the above symptoms.


Reasons may vary according to the food culture. Thyroid affected people find it more challenging to overcome iron deficiency anemia. People who avoid foods containing iron are easily affected by iron deficiency anemia also lack vitamins in your body may also cause anemia.

Iron Deficiency in Women:

Women are mostly affected by iron deficiency anemia because they have a menstrual cycle every month. Heavy blood loss during childbirth is also a reason for iron deficiency in women. So women’s should be very concerned about this.

Two types of iron:

Heam and non-heam are two types of iron we get from food, The iron we get from non-veg foods are called heam and the iron we get from veg foods are called non-heam.

Coffee, tea:

Drinking coffee, tea daily is a usual thing. If you drink coffee more than two times a day, it reduces the amount of iron absorption in your body. Don’t drink coffee as soon as you eat, drink coffee or tea one hour before a meal.


Those who have iron deficiency may think that consuming milk makes them active, but that’s wrong even milk reduces the amount of iron absorption in your body. So those people who are taking medicines for iron
deficiency, please avoid coffee, tea, and milk.


Phytate a nutrient which is rich in cereals, taking more amount of cereals in your food may result in the reduction of absorption of iron, not only iron it also reduces absorption of some other minerals. This is the reason why absorption of iron takes more time to absorb minerals from veg foods.

The way of cooking:

Don’t overcook the foods which are rich in iron because overcooking reduces the amount of iron.b So to get the benefit to avoid overcooking.


Balancing diet, that is taking only foods which contain iron won’t give correct benefit, along with your diet take the foods which help to absorb iron. Vitamin A, C, and Riboflavin help in iron absorption.

When iron exceeds that limit:

Most of the people have doubt about this if taking more amount of iron cause any side effect? Taking more amount of iron more than the limit leads to death in case of children, but if you are taking iron-rich foods with doctors advice for a fixed period, then it won’t harm your body.


Continuous consumption of iron tablets may cause allergies. Ferric and Ferrous are the supplements of iron tablets. Ferric is easily absorbable in these supplements, taking iron supplements regularly may cause stomach pain, vomiting, indigestion.