Ammannia Bacifera Herb protect nails from bacteria and fungi

There are several sensory nerves on the tip of our fingers. Nails serve as a natural armor to protect these nerves. We can keep our fingers healthy only if the nails are well protected.

A nail is a mixture of lime, phosphorous and dead protein cells. The excess toxins and metals we intake are excreted by our body and the nails store it. We can judge how healthy a person is by looking at the nails, which protects the fingertips from heat and coldness.

Medical texts say the following about different types of nails, grey coloured nails with white dots indicates the lack of metal and salt strength, faded nails indicate iron deficiency, black nails means, the weakness of lungs and liver due to smoking and drinking habit, cracked nails indicate vitamin deficiency and finally decayed nail indicates skin disease and allergies.

It is important to safeguard the nails from the attack of bacteria and fungi, else the nail infection will affect the fingers and these causes perturb to the mind and body.

Ammannia Bacifera is the wonder herb which can cure the nail damage caused by fungi and other skin diseases. Ammannia Bacifera is a botanical name, that belongs to the Lythraceae family. A substance called Lawson which is present in the leaves of this plant, it has the ability to kill the fungi and bacterial germs.

Make a paste of Ammannia Bacifera leaf along with henna leaves and some water. Apply this paste on the nails daily to treat nail decay. Take the ash of Ammannia Bacifera by burning the leaves, add a quarter of fried onion powder or boric acid to the ash along with some coconut oil. When this paste is applied on the nails, nail decay will slowly start to disappear.