Alert – Too much of Angiogram damages kidney

Too much of Angiogram damages kidney

Too much of Angiogram damages kidney: The angiogram helped to find heart problems. But often use of angiogram will lead to kidney damage, says heart specialists.The process of angiogram releases the huge amount of radiation, which can cause other health problems.

To Find Out Heart Problems:

People suffer from an sudden chest pain. ‘ANGIOGRAM’ is the process of finding the blockage in the blood vessels and confirming heart disease. Based on a lot of doctors report, not all the heart patients need the Angiogram.

Even a small pain in the chest will make people fear for the heart problem. Mostly doctors force the patients to take an angiogram test to confirm heart disease. But unwanted angiogram creates more problems due to the radiation produced in the angiogram test, also it has more chances to damage kidney.

Simple ways:

There are more easy ways to find heart problems using latest technologies. In future, there will be machines that can detect the risk of heart attack before it begins.Though our style of food habits increases the rate of heart attack, the advanced technologies have helped in the reduction of death due to the heart attack by 5%, says recent census.