8 good foods to eat to keep the kidney health

An important organ to cleanse our blood is the kidney. It flushes out the excess water and toxins and sends it to the urinary bladder.
For this, the kidneys must function properly. If not, problems like toxin accumulation in the blood, stone formation and blood pressure will start to occur.

For healthy kidneys and to excrete more urine, you must include certain foods in your daily diet.

Here we have listed out some foods and vegetables that good for kidneys healthy. Shall we have a look at it!

1. Watermelon

Water content is high in watermelon. This increases urine production and flushes out the waste.

2. Lemon juice

Kidney stone formation can be reduced when you drink lemon juice daily. Lemon juice is also great for a healthier kidney functioning.

3. Berry fruits

Berry fruits are rich in anti-oxidant and have many contents which fight against diseases. This also helps to flush out uric acid from the kidneys and keeps it healthy. Hence, whenever possible eat berry fruits.

4. Apple

Apple is also rich in anti-oxidant and fiber. It improves the performance of kidneys.

5. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins to keep the kidney healthy. When you add this to your food, the chances of kidney stone formation can be prevented.

6. Ginger

Anti-oxidants present in ginger is good for the kidney functioning. Ginger is also capable of cleansing the blood and kidneys.

7. Turmeric

When you include turmeric in your daily meals, kidney diseases and infections can be prevented. Your kidneys will also function well.

8. Coriander

Add some coriander to the boiling water and let it boil for 10 minutes. Then, filter it and let it cool. When you drink this water every day, all the toxins in the kidney will be flushed out and your kidney will be healthy.