7 Reason for yawing too often even though you are not tired.

Mostly, the yawn is the warning signal given by our body asking us to sleep because it cannot be awake anymore. But, experts say that feeling sleeping and tired is not the only reason for yawning.

You must have noticed certain people who yawn continuously in the office or when they are with friends. Be it morning, afternoon or night, there is not a time when they have not yawned. Do you know the reason for this?

Yawning might be a symptom of some health problem. Although it may be surprising, these can be the reasons for yawning frequently.

Check your liver

If you yawn tirelessly, then you must check your liver without fail. You will yawn continuously if the liver is weak or there is some deficiency in its functioning.

Multiple Sclerosis Impact

In a recent research, it has been found that the people who have been affected by multiple sclerosis were not able to maintain a balanced body temperature. Due to which they yawn frequently.

Brain’s health

Another reason for frequent yawning is the health of your brain. Too much yawning is the symptom of brain allergy and stroke. Sores on the brain’s stem could cause frequent yawning.


Even if it’s shocking, we must believe it. Epilepsy can be the reason for yawning tirelessly. When a seizure occurs, the irritation caused on the brain sends a signal, which results in too much yawning.

Due to medicines

Tiredness caused by the intake of medicine also causes ample yawning. Certain medicine makes you sleepy, this drowsiness can also cause yawning.

Sleep deprivation

Sleeplessness due to sleep deprivation causes tireless yawning.


The most common reason why people yawn is due to fatigue and stress. Consult a doctor if you yawn too often.