6 Things to Remember Before Your First Ayahuasca Adventure

Ayahuasca retreats have become very popular these days. People from around the world are coming to Ecuador to experience the wonderful healing benefits of this medicinal plant. The ancient treasure of the Amazonian people is finally out in the open for everyone to experience and draw inspiration from. Ayahuasca benefits you in many ways – from spiritual enlightenment to dealing with stress and overcoming addiction there are many ways in which Ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador can change your life. But when you are preparing for your first Ayahuasca adventure there are several things you need to keep in mind and be aware of. Let us walk you through six important things you should remember before your first Ayahuasca retreat –

  1. It’s not a vacation – Ayahuasca retreat isn’t a vacation though there would be no dearth of meeting people, fun and entertainment. You are going there with a purpose and one that can change your life forever. You may not get enough sleep; you will experience physical exhaustion and not enjoy the worldly comforts of those dreamy vacations. You need to be prepared for it.  
  2. Ayahuasca diet is a must– Love your daily sip of whiskey? Can’t end your day without those fried chips? Ayahuasca retreat isn’t one for you. There are some retreats that would let you have the diet you are used to but they won’t benefit you. So when you are choosing a retreat make sure they strictly follow the diet to offer you the intended benefits.
  3. It isn’t a recreational drug – You may have come across blogs where people sing their praises for this ‘recreational drug’. To cut short your excitement it isn’t a recreational drug but a medical plant that offers does offer you hallucinogenic experience but for greater benefits unlike those illegal drugs that you might have read about.
  4. Don’t take a hasty decision – One of the things that Ayahuasca retreats do is bring about a radical change to your thought process. You start looking at life from an objective point of view without being burdened by stress or anxiety. In improves your ability to take the right decisions. Hence you shouldn’t quit a job or end a relationship before going for the retreat as with more clarity about your life you may end up regretting that decision after the retreat.
  5. Be ready for surprises– There are different things that you’d experience when you go for your first Ayahuasca retreat. It would be both at the physical as well as emotional level. You’d experience things that you have never done in your life. So be prepared to be surprised. You need to go for the retreat with an open mind and experience things as they come your way.
  6. Don’t expect wonders – There are strong chances that you’d come out of the retreat as the same person. You may not experience all the spiritual and emotional benefits that people talk about. It’s perfectly normal and it happens with many people who go in for such retreats. Ayahuasca may not be last answer to all the problems you have in your life and thus you shouldn’t go into a retreat with the same expectations.  

Keep these things in mind when you are going for your first Ayahuasca adventure. It is an adventure after all and you should always be ready to enjoy and bathe yourself in this experience. You need to keep in mind that it has to be a life-changing and rewarding experience and you need to make sure the retreat you are choosing a retreat that offers you the healing experience at its best.

Summary – In this write-up we take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind when it comes to your first Ayahuasca adventure and how you can benefit from them.