5 foods we must avoid, but we continue to eat them daily – why?

We eat certain food daily believing that it is good for the health, it will help us lose weight and it is tasty. But, these foods are the ones that cause harm to our health. These foods must be avoid. Let us look at the disadvantages of these food items.

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We are consuming these products daily. Children and pregnant woman must completely avoid these foods.

1.Processed baked foods:

We consider doughnuts, muffins, cakes and cookies as presentable and yummy foods.

But, because of the addition of unwanted sweetness to these foods, we gain more calories. Due to this, there are chances for diseases like obesity and diabetes to occur.

2.Processed Meat:

Nowadays we consume processed meat sold in supermarkets with glass walls, thinking that it is hygienic.

Due to this, even the small local shops started to sell processed meat.

There are chances for cancer cells to form faster when we eat the processed meat.

Apart from fats, it contains chemicals like nitrate and nitrite which can cause heart problems.

3.Diet Soda:

Weight gain and diabetes have become common these days like fever and cold. The reason for this is the consumption of diet soda.

These sodas are advertised saying that it has no sugar in them, but on the contrary artificial sweeteners are added in them.

Due to this, metabolic changes, weight gain, diabetes and teeth and bone deficiency occurs.

4.Frozen Food:

The frozen food contains trans-fat. It prevails as a reason for many health deficiencies.

Though frozen cakes and cookies taste good for you tongue, it is not tasteful for the health.

The increase in fat serves as a reason for weight gain and diabetes

5.Cereals contain added sugar:

Artificial sweeteners are added these days to increase the taste of food. Moreover, to prevent these foods from spoiling too soon, chemicals are added to preserve it.

Due to this, cereals which are supposed to be healthy and nutritious turns out be harmful to our health.

If we continue to eat these processed cereals with artificial sweeteners, there are chances for the formation of cancer cells and heart problems. Further, it also affects our tooth strength.

All these harmful ingredients are present in today’s leading oats and cereal brands that you consume daily.

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