20 Foods that cause Inflammation

Inflammation is not epidemic. This occurs due to some unique changes in the body. Inflammation is the painful swollen redness spots on our body caused due to the high-temperature flow of blood to the tissues. There might be more reasons for the cause of inflammation. One such reason is food. Yes, food is the reason why many people get inflammation.

Inflammation might also occur when you eat more nutritious food for a very long period. But, people won’t believe if you tell them that, inflammation is caused by nutritious food. When these people avoid eating those foods for 2 weeks, then they will believe in the fact.

Though the food is nutritious, if you continue to eat more than the required quantity at any given time, it leads to reactive inflammation. Now, let us look have a look at the foods which are healthy, but causes inflammation.


When you eat a lot of sugar, it increases the blood sugar level, thereby decreases the immunity and causes inflammation.

2.Vegetable oil

The vegetable oil used for cooking is rich in omega-6, hence it causes an imbalance between omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid which leads to inflammation.

3.Milk products

The human body cannot withstand too much of protein or lactose. Since these are present in milk products, consuming them in excess can lead to inflammation.


Since N-Linoleic acid is produced when we eat beef, excess consumption leads to the production of anti-N Linoleic acid which causes inflammation.

5.Wheat and Barley

Barley and wheat contain allergen and gluten, if we don’t control the quantity we eat, this will trigger the immune system and causes inflammation.


Fast food and baked products contain trans-fat. When we eat baked and fast food in excess, it increases the LDL fat and causes inflammation sometimes.


Inflammation occurs in the esophagus, voice box, and liver if you drink too much of alcohol.

8.Refined lentils

Refined lentils don’t have fiber, vitamin B and contains a high amount of glycaemic index. When you eat a lot of refined lentils it causes life threating diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.

9.Artificial food additives

When you add artificial food additives like aspartame and monosodium glutamate to your food, it causes inflammation and if it becomes severe it leads speech disorders.

10.Processed corn

Corn consists of many products such as corn syrup, corn flour, and corn oil. If these are included in our food in excess amount, blood sugar level increases and it lowers the insulin leading to inflammation in the blood.


Generally, people get inflammation when they eat peanuts. Therefore, it is better to eat it in controlled portions. If you eat a lot of peanuts because you haven’t had inflammation before, you will surely get in the future.


Egg contains surplus saturated fats. It also contains arachidonic acid. Although arachidonic acid is good for us, when it becomes excess it causes inflammation in the body.

13.Fried foods

When you fry foods at high temperature, certain sugar and when oxygenated fats like gliotoxins react with protein, inflammation is caused.

14.Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated drinks contain the high glycaemic index. When you consume this in excess, insulin level decreases leading to inflammation.


Even though nuts have many nutritional benefits, high intake causes swelling of joints which then leads to gout.


Tomato contains a high amount of colanain, hence people with sensitive skin get inflammation if they eat too much of tomato. If the inflammation is high, the chances of internal injury and tumors in joints and heart diseases are high.

17.Sweet and Fat Curd

The curd is good for our body. But if you eat high-fat curd with sugar, then the end result is inflammation.

18.Junk foods

All of us know that junk food is not healthy. But, when we eat a lot of it, it causes a kind of trigger in the blood which leads to inflammation.

19.White bread

Eating white bread also causes inflammation because it contains refined carbohydrates. Instead of white bread, you can eat bread made with various kind of cereals.


When you add too much of masala to enhance the taste of your food, the sodium in the masala reacts with potassium and causes inflammation.